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Best Laptop With Stylus 2019 Reviews

Best Laptop With Stylus 2019 Reviews

In this article, I have added the Best Laptop With Stylus for 2019. Thanks to the latest technology, now we can joy writing on laptops like never before. Many users are upgrading to touchscreen laptops with a stylus. I have used a stylus for a couple of months now, and, O, boy, this is just awesome 🙂

I have added 3 best laptops with the stylus in this article along with their detailed description. 

Here we go:

Best Laptop With Stylus 2019 Reviews

I will start by describing the features of the Asus Premium VivoBook.

Asus Premium VivoBook Flip Laptop with Stylus 2019

I love to talk about the latest technology gadgets and to use them too. This is the best laptop with a stylus that you might be waiting to know about it. This is the most unique laptop that I have talked about ever. Yes, guys, it is the most popular and eye-catching unique and fantastic laptop, named Asus Premium VivoBook Flip Laptop that comes with its stylus so that you can use it to do the things you like if you don’t want to use your fingers though.

The stylus pen is just smooth and very touchy and responsive and you will love to use this laptop with the stylus and this will make you feel more facilitated in this modern world. So definitely you will be waiting to know about it so that you can also buy it. So, let’s begin about this amazing laptop Asus Premium VivoBook Flip Laptop

This is luxurious to be used and I can’t wait to tell you guys about it.

Features of Asus Premium VivoBook Flip laptop

It has got the most amazing and wonderful features like these, explained below;

Convertible design

This is one of its main unique features that it has a convertible design and you can also use it as a tablet and adjust it according to your convenience. It bends smoothly without any issues and looks great. Besides just looking great it will show an outclass performance to you and without any tension, you can bend it as much as you like it. This 2-in-1 convertible design is pretty much cool

Thin and lightweight

This laptop is very thin and one loves to use such a slim gadget and it is lightweight too so you can carry it with you anywhere even while traveling. This is going to make you feel more facilitated


This laptop has a size of 11.6 inch that is quite normal, not too big not too small


It has a wide touchscreen display with the screen resolution of 1366 x 768

Quality sound

This laptop is amazingly built-in stereo speakers that give an enhanced sound, you can enjoy this clear and not distorted sound even in a public place, that means the sound is high enough that all other people far away can also enjoy to the music or anything played on this laptop. Along with this, it also comes with the 1-x headphone out and audio-in combo pack.

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It has an HD web camera for the more luxury and facility

Stylus Pen

You can use the touchscreen of this laptop with an amazingly smooth and sleek stylus pen which is very responsive and touchy on the screen.  Its smoothness is so much high that it doesn’t cause any kind of little scratch on the screen. You will love to use this stylus pen


It has Windows 10 of 64 Bit installed in it. Windows 10 are always my favorite ones as they have many latest options and features. But it depends on your choice as you can also change and install those windows you like the most.


This laptop offers too many connections for your ease like the 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 USB 3.1 type C, USB 3.0 and HDMI

Battery life

Its battery life is about 8 hours of continuous use so it’s a pretty much good time for enough use either for the work or for other entertainment purposes and then after 8 hours charge it. These are actually 2 cells polymer battery


It has custom storage 500GB SATA Hard drive, 128 GB solid state drive, 256 GB solid state drive, flash drive 32 GB/64GB/128GB to add more storage and you can easily save all the important things

Security feature

A fingerprint reader is the best security feature it has and you don’t have to remember the passwords


This laptop has 4 GB SDRAM DDR3 and 128 GB SSD of hard drive

Warranty and support

Same is the warranty case here just like for the other laptops as you can return dead on arrival laptop and any misrepresentation would not be accepted at all just in the person misrepresents the product than the customer charge would be fined to him and any kind of misuse would not be accepted


This amazing laptop is available in a completely affordable range to everyone so without worrying about your budget you can buy this laptop for sure. Click to Buy from Amazon.

Specifications of Asus Premium VivoBook Flip

The amazing specifications of this laptop are given below, read them carefully;

  • It has an 11.6 inch full HD display touchscreen
  • Stylus pen included with the laptop
  • 500 GB HHD /128 GB SSD / 256 GB SSD for extra storage
  • SanDisk USB 3.1 Flash Drive, up to 128GB
  • This laptop is thin and lightweight
  • It uses 2 cells 38 Whrs polymer battery with the usage time of 8 hours of battery life
  • A lot of wireless connection it was like the 802.11ac, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 and HDMI ports
  • It has the dimensions of 11.5 x 7.8 x 0.67
  • It has a 2.61 lbs of weight
  • It has a fingerprint security feature
  • Intel Celeron N3350
  • It has windows 10 installed in it
  • The power source is AC and battery
  • Good warranty and support


  • Completely convertible design
  • A built-in stereo speaker system
  • Smooth stylus pen included
  • Extra storage space included


  • The screen is sensitive, must be used with extreme care
  • No other cons

Final verdict

After knowing all about this amazing flip laptop for 2019, you will be waiting to buy it for sure. Make yourself satisfied by reading all the features pros and cons of this laptop and then buy this. You will make your life more facilitated by this laptop if you are going to take it. I also have this laptop and I am enjoying using it. I bend it more often and use it with the stylus pen and it feels cool. So, I hope you will love knowing about it. This is definitely among the Best Laptop With Stylus for 2019. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Feel free to ask me anything about Best Laptop with Stylus. I will answer your question and also I will publish that answer here on my blog.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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