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Best Laptop With Stylus 2019 Reviews

Best Laptop With Stylus 2019 Reviews

In this article, I have added the Best Laptop With Stylus for 2019. Thanks to the latest technology, now we can joy writing on laptops like never before. Many users are upgrading to touchscreen laptops with a stylus. I have used a stylus for a couple of months now, and, O, boy, this is just awesome 🙂

I have added 3 best laptops with the stylus in this article along with their detailed description. 

Here we go:

Comparison Chart for Best Laptop With Stylus 2019 Reviews 

Best Laptop with StylusFeatures Screen size Price
ASUS Premium2-in-1 convertible design, Intel Celeron N3350 processor11.6-inch$$$
HP Pavilion X360Multi-touch screen, flip design, Core i514-inch$$$
Samsung NotebookIntel Quad Core i5-8250U mobile  processor13.3-inch$$$

Asus Premium VivoBook Laptop

I love to talk about the latest technology gadgets and to use them too. This is the best laptop with a stylus that you might be waiting to know about it. This is the most unique laptop that I have talked about ever.

Yes, guys, it is the most popular and eye-catching unique and fantastic laptop, named Asus Premium VivoBook Flip Laptop that comes with its stylus so that you can use it to do the things you like if you don’t want to use your fingers though.

The stylus pen is just smooth and very touchy and responsive and you will love to use this laptop with the stylus and this will make you feel more facilitated in this modern world. So definitely you will be waiting to know about it so that you can also buy it. So, let’s begin about this amazing laptop Asus Premium VivoBook Flip Laptop

This is luxurious to be used and I can’t wait to tell you guys about it.

Features of Asus Premium VivoBook Flip laptop

It has got the most amazing and wonderful features like these, explained below;

Convertible design

This is one of its main unique features that it has a convertible design and you can also use it as a tablet and adjust it according to your convenience. It bends smoothly without any issues and looks great. Besides just looking great it will show an outclass performance to you and without any tension, you can bend it as much as you like it. This 2-in-1 convertible design is pretty much cool

Thin and lightweight

This laptop is very thin and one loves to use such a slim gadget and it is lightweight too so you can carry it with you anywhere even while traveling. This is going to make you feel more facilitated


This laptop has a size of 11.6 inch that is quite normal, not too big not too small


It has a wide touchscreen display with the screen resolution of 1366 x 768

Quality sound

This laptop is amazingly built-in stereo speakers that give an enhanced sound, you can enjoy this clear and not distorted sound even in a public place, that means the sound is high enough that all other people far away can also enjoy to the music or anything played on this laptop. Along with this, it also comes with the 1-x headphone out and audio-in combo pack.

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It has an HD web camera for the more luxury and facility

Stylus Pen

You can use the touchscreen of this laptop with an amazingly smooth and sleek stylus pen which is very responsive and touchy on the screen.  Its smoothness is so much high that it doesn’t cause any kind of little scratch on the screen. You will love to use this stylus pen


It has Windows 10 of 64 Bit installed in it. Windows 10 are always my favorite ones as they have many latest options and features. But it depends on your choice as you can also change and install those windows you like the most.


This laptop offers too many connections for your ease like the 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 USB 3.1 type C, USB 3.0 and HDMI

Battery life

Its battery life is about 8 hours of continuous use so it’s a pretty much good time for enough use either for the work or for other entertainment purposes and then after 8 hours charge it. These are actually 2 cells of polymer battery


It has custom storage 500GB SATA Hard drive, 128 GB solid state drive, 256 GB solid state drive, flash drive 32 GB/64GB/128GB to add more storage and you can easily save all the important things

Security feature

A fingerprint reader is the best security feature it has and you don’t have to remember the passwords


This laptop has 4 GB SDRAM DDR3 and 128 GB SSD of hard drive

Warranty and support

Same is the warranty case here just like for the other laptops as you can return dead on arrival laptop and any misrepresentation would not be accepted at all just in the person misrepresents the product than the customer charge would be fined to him and any kind of misuse would not be accepted


This amazing laptop is available in a completely affordable range to everyone so without worrying about your budget you can buy this laptop for sure.

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Specifications of Asus Premium VivoBook Flip

The amazing specifications of this laptop are given below, read them carefully;

  • It has an 11.6 inch full HD display touchscreen
  • Stylus pen included with the laptop
  • 500 GB HHD /128 GB SSD / 256 GB SSD for extra storage
  • SanDisk USB 3.1 Flash Drive, up to 128GB
  • This laptop is thin and lightweight
  • It uses 2 cells 38 Whrs polymer battery with the usage time of 8 hours of battery life
  • A lot of wireless connection it was like the 802.11ac, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 and HDMI ports
  • It has the dimensions of 11.5 x 7.8 x 0.67
  • It has a 2.61 lbs of weight
  • It has a fingerprint security feature
  • Intel Celeron N3350
  • It has windows 10 installed in it
  • The power source is AC and battery
  • Good warranty and support


  • Completely convertible design
  • A built-in stereo speaker system
  • Smooth stylus pen included
  • Extra storage space included


  • The screen is sensitive, must be used with extreme care
  • No other cons

Final verdict

After knowing all about this amazing flip laptop for 2019, you will be waiting to buy it for sure. Make yourself satisfied by reading all the features, pros and cons of this laptop and then buy this. You will make your life more facilitated by this laptop if you are going to take it.

I also have this laptop and I am enjoying using it. I bend it more often and use it with the stylus pen and it feels cool. So, I hope you will love knowing about it. This is definitely among the Best Laptop With Stylus for 2019. Click here to buy from Amazon.

HP Pavilion X360

HP brings the latest technology to this amazing laptop with Stylus. I have been using this laptop for a while now and O, Boy, this is just awesome. Let me explaina few of the features here:

Multi-touch screen

HP laptop has got the full 14-inch HD screen. This screen has multiple sensor points in it. These points actually make this screen multi-touch enabled. The screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 boosts the color and clarity of this impressive screen.

IPS technology allows the wide viewing angles. It has an energy efficient WLED backlit which makes the screen bright and non-glary. Touch, tap, glide and do more with this amazing laptop.

Flip fold design

It is having a full flip and fold design. It hinges to the full angle of 360 degrees. This looks modern just like we live in this modern era. This design offers the versatile functionality.

You can use it in the audience, in tabletop, presentation and in tablet mode too. Make the mood which you feel comfortable for yourself or according to the situation.

Digital pen

It is having the option to add HP digital pen in it. When you use this digital pen, you will notice that you are working very fast. It really allows you to work faster.

You can save a lot of your working with this smooth digital pen. It works smoothly on the screen and don’t even become the reason of single scratch on the screen.

Clear audio

It offers the clear audio by Bang and Olufsen. When it comes to entertainment, its crystal clear sound will never disappoint you.

Processor and OS

It has the Intel Quad Core i5-8250U processor. It has the boosting speed of 1.6 -3.4 GHz.

It has Microsoft windows 10 home which makes the work much easier. This 64 bit system allows all time multi-tasking.

Graphics, drives and memory

This laptop is having the Intel UHD graphics 620 in it. While talking about drives and memory, it has;

  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB SSD PCIe NVMe 

While the optical drive is not included in it.

Keyboard features

It is having the full size backlit keyboard. It has got its unique island style and makes typing more convenient.

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Ports availability does not become less and ensure strong connectivity all time. It has got the;

  • 2x USB 3.1 ports
  • 1x HDMI port
  • 1x USB 3.1 Type-C
  • 1 Combination Headphone-Out/Microphone-In Jack
  • 1 Multi-Format Digital Media Card Reader

Final words

You will love to use this multi-touch laptop. It is so much responsive that you will actually be able to do you work more fast than any of the other laptop. As for as, its price is concerned it is affordable too.

The only disadvantage is that it has no optical drive in it. Otherwise, all other things are extreme perfect. You can enjoy any movie on its clear, high resolution screen. The audio will let you listen and enjoy at the peak level. Its high responsive touch screen and digital pen will add ease to your work and life. Get ready to take this laptop with you at home.

Samsung Notebook

This is another best product selected by professionals after great research. Have a glance at its amazing features of this Best Laptop with Stylus.

Display size

Samsung notebooks is of 13.3-inch. It has a full HD touch screen with full of features. The screen clarity and beauty is just because of its high resolution of 1920 x 1080. This screen is responsive to a single finger touch only. Natural finger touch will make it run like amazing.

A lot of battery is saved because of its energy efficient LED backlit. Backlit makes the view bright and smooth. You will be able to see the minor details on this screen with great ease.


It has the 8th generation Intel Quad core i5- 8250U mobile processor. This allows you laptop system to work really fast without any interruption. It ultimately opens all the programs within no time.  You can download anything really fast.

The processor’s speed goes up to 3.4 GHz. It ultimately gives you the facility to get all things done in a less time.

360 degree hinge

Its 360 degree flip and fold design makes it highly flexible. You can use its versatile body in any mode. Use it in the laptop mode in the office or anywhere else. Use it like a tablet when you are in your relaxing home environment.

It’s up to you which mode you like the best or which mode you are in convenience with this laptop.

Built-in security and windows

It has the built-in security. It will keep your laptop more personal and don’t allow other to peep inside your laptop. It has a highly detective finger print reader.  You can set up one finger print and change it also. It will keep your laptop safer.

Beside the finger reader, it has another security too which is TPMB, IOS/HDD password. You can make security passwords in your device.

While Samsung notebook is built for windows ink. You can enjoy multiple outclass features on this laptop.

Stylus pen

Stylus pen makes work much easier and faster. It runs fast on its smooth screen and allows flowing on the screen. It’s your choice to use your finger touch or use this stylus pen. Yet, you will love using this smooth and highly responsive stylus pen.

Using luxurious things adds more to style and glamour. You can use this stylus pen on this Samsung Notebook with proud. Use it at any official place and feel more professional.

OS and battery life

This Notebook uses windows 10, 64 bit operating system in it.  You can stay productive on it for 9.5 hours non-stop.

Light weight

Its light weight will help you a lot to carry it anywhere with you. Put it in the laptop bag and move with it anywhere.  Its light weight of only 3.2 lbs will never create burden your shoulder. You can take it with you while travel.

Graphics and other features

Samsung Notebook uniquely displays the Intel UHD 620 graphics. These graphics are incredibly great. Its high resolution clears the minor details on screen.

It has 8GB DDR4 RAM. It gives an option to upgrade the SSD to increase the performance.

Sound system

You can listen to high quality built-in speakers SoundAlive. It takes the sound to the next level. You can do extra fun using this laptop. You can watch movies will full sound ON.

Ports and power

It has the ports rich structure. It has the casual and familiar ports. These ports allow you connect with projectors, power points or any other devices. Along with it you can stay connected with Bluetooth and WI-FI all time.

This laptop uses an AC adapter of just 40 watts for power consumption. It has Li-ion prismatic mAh: 3950mAh.

Voice notes

This laptop allows using your voice commands. Your voice notes can save every word for later use. It can easily handle all of your projects very smoothly. This laptop is using to make your life easier.

Warranty and price

Amazon return policy fits best for this laptop. You can return the Samsung Notebook dead on arrival if you want.

Another best thing of this laptop is that it price is perfect for all the buyers. So you can buy it now without even having a look in your budget list.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Final words

Grab this laptop now and add fun and ease in your life. These all laptops are best and are of the high quality. Most of all they are selling leaps and bounds in the market. Public is demanding these laptops more because of their features.

My Story, Laptops with Stylus

When I passed my high school examinations my dad gifted me a 2 in 1 laptop and that’s made my day or what can I say it has made my life. I felt as good for as I felt like I am top of this world. I loved it too much.

Wait for a second with my new laptop I got a stylus too. Firstly I did not know what is a stylus and what their use is. Then gradually with the passage of time I came to know its usage. And  Oh my God I am so much happy that I am loving to use the stylus on my laptop touch screen. It has totally changed my computing experience.

Best laptop with stylus helps you navigate on the screen of your tablet without any trouble. You can easily do it by just moving it over the screen image you get a smudge-free screen after an hour-long working.

You have to work a lot with your finger on a touch screen but imagine you are working on the touch screen with a pen a can draw in the drawing apps, copy paste, drop away things, take notes I mean what everything is there.

In the start, I had a question that why would I go for the stylus as I can use my fingers too then I realized that stylus keeps the screen of your laptop smudge free. It gives the more precise touch to the screen and it also has the advantage to protect your screen from scratches.

I must admit that I have an issue that I have big hands and whenever I want to touch one place I get the click on others. This thing gets annoying certain time and also convert your work a lot of time taking and you get confused. But thanks to the stylus I can go for the stylus-based precise clicking every time and I love it. 

I can play a lot of games with the help of this stylus on the laptop and literally enjoy these games like candy crush and the hay day. I love to play these games with my stylus. Life is so easy just with the help of a single pen I never imagined so. I am also using my laptop with the stylus for live streaming videos.

I want to be a designer in the coming future and I use to search for the different designs online and yes It is also a great experience. I can see the details of each and every design with such ease that I can truly be a designer by viewing the details easily. I can view the design details and also jot down the notes on the respective designs.

Using the stylus pen with a laptop is quite an easy task to do as you have to go through the memo app. and then getting your pen detectable to your device. You can easily use it without any trouble and problem and you will surely love the way it easily gets connected.

Well, this thing should be kept in mind that after use you should keep the pen back in the slot as its parts are quite delicate and easy to get destroyed so you should not get yourself stuck into the trouble by ruining it as it is unrepairable.

It is a battery operated device so you should keep an eye on its battery to check whether it is out of order or not. You should not allow its battery to get rusted inside or use it till it gets hot. Try to take care of its battery.

The very interesting thing is that you can click pictures with the help of a stylus on your laptop screen now this is a wonderful thing to get noticed. This thing is very much interesting as photo editing has become very easy in this way. You will surely love it as a girl because it is quite a wonderful thing.

You can also work to write like a pen on a laptop screen as it gives you the feel of handwriting and you can convert the handwriting into the word document easily and thus you will not get tired easily and will work with ease.

Stylus provides you with great working capabilities but you should take care of screen while typing on the stylus as it is an important thing to focus on screen security. You should keep an eye on the security of the screen so it may not get damaged. Try to keep an eye on the security of the laptop screen as you should not put extra pressure on your laptop.

Feel free to ask me anything about Best Laptop with Stylus. I will answer your question and also I will publish that answer here on my blog.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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