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What to do when Laptop Battery Drains Fast?

What to do when Laptop Battery Drains Fast?

Everybody using a laptop nowadays because it is an essential part of our life. While using a laptop if your laptop battery drains fast then surely it is 4 to 5 years old laptop or due to some other factors.

Old laptop batteries give only 30 percent backup, it is very common that laptop battery drains fast even when you charge 100 percent. You should always buy a good brand laptop that has a good average lifespan.

In this article, our editors have explained, What are the factors that drain out battery down fast and how can we fix it?. Below is a list of different proven methods that will prevent laptop battery to drain fast.

What to do when Laptop Battery Drains Fast?

There are some methods by using; one can fix its battery from draining fast. 

Method #1: Click on the notification icon on the bottom right. And turn on battery saver it can fix your battery problem.

Method # 2: Go to setting of your laptop and then go to privacy and scroll down to the Background Apps and then turn off all the programs that you don’t want to run in the background.

Method # 3: Click on the bottom right and turn off the Bluetooth.

Method # 4: Click on the start button and then go to control panel and go to system and security/security and maintenance and go to power usage and click on it.

Method # 5: Search services and open it and then open windows search, stop it and set it to disabled. You can enable if you want to use window search but it will consume the battery.

Method # 6: Open gpedit.msc (available only in some windows series) then click on computer configuration and then into windows component in this click on the search option, here you will show the option prevent indexing when running on battery power to conserve energy, enabled this option enabled it and then apply on it.

Method # 7: Right click on windows start button then go to command prompt admin and edit bcdedit/set disable dynamic tick yes and then restart your computer to apply changes.

Tips to make laptop battery run longer

There are many tips that can make your laptop battery run longer:

The brightness of the display should not be 100%. It is the most power consuming part of the laptop.

Change your laptop power setting. Power saving mode should be enabled that less energy consumed by the battery of a laptop.

Go the right side of the laptop and click on the notification bar and switch off the wireless connection after your work. Because it consumes more energy of the battery.

Close all the tabs or programs that are processing in the background because it can consume more energy, close all the applications tabs and unnecessary data from the background of the laptop screen.

Remove the disc drives if you are not using it .remove it or use high quality of disk that does not more power to start. Old hard drives take high voltage power which drains down the battery of the laptop.

If you are using an extra feature of the laptop then remove it because it will gain more energy like screensavers or any gadgets that are not necessary for the laptop to remove those features or disabled them.

You should take care of the battery of laptop when you put it in your laptop make sure that you put a lock on it. Keep your battery away from liquid spilling. Do not remove it on a daily base. Keep away the dust from the battery of the laptop. It will make your battery life longer.

How to check laptop battery power?

We can check the power of battery of laptop that what status it is showing at the moment and how of it is actually being charged.

First of all, open your power option and check the status of your battery. If it shows that battery is 100% charged then it does not mean that it is actually charged 100%.

To check its actual power click on the start button and then go to the command prompt and click option on administration command prompt, when it open write power CFG space energy output semicolon energy-report.html and click enter.

Now go to start button and click on my computer, now click on the drive that contains an option of energy html click on it and you will see many options scroll down where it would be battery information.

Battery capacity and battery last charge no will be there from which you can check the laptop battery power.
In my case, my laptop battery design is 5200 and its last charge is 426 which is very low about 10% it means I have to need to change my battery of the laptop. As it was showing 100 % charge but in reality, it was only 10 %.

Average time for the battery of the laptop:

Average time of the laptop battery is approximately 1 to 6 hours but it also depends on the capacity (mah) of laptop built-in battery and how old the battery if the battery is very old its battery timing will be decreased.

More will be the applications running on laptop less will be the battery of laptop because it requires more energy to keep the program in running.

So the average time of the battery of the laptop would be approximately 1 to 6 hours.

Symptoms of laptop battery damage:

there are some signs and symptoms by which one can understand that’s its laptop battery is going to be damage:

1) The window of your laptop will warn you that your battery is getting low and it will die after some moments.

2) Your laptop will heat up after doing some small task on it; heating up of your systems is also a symptom of damage battery.

3) Your laptop will shut down abruptly without any warning, it also a sign of damage battery.

4) Your laptop will not charge like it was charging before, because of the effect in the battery.

Factors that cause laptop battery draining fast:

What causes the laptop battery drains down?? There are some factors that are responsible for the draining battery fast:

1) Display light: When your laptop screen light and brightness on 100 % it causes the battery draining fast. The brightness of the screen is a power hungry part of the laptop. One should keep its laptop brightness on auto or minimum.

2) Old battery: If your laptop is 3 4 years old then surely its battery cannot give your proper functioning it drains fastly. So change the battery of the laptop because the battery has its own time limit and age.

3) Irrelevant charger:  Some people use another charger to charge the laptop in place of its own company charger. It lowers the performance of the battery and it shows that it is 100 % charged but when you will use the laptop it will drain into 10 %. So always use the charger that is compatible with your laptop.

4) Graphics: Make sure that the graphics of your laptop should be less. High graphics consume more energy and more the battery and it drains down the battery very fastly. So one should have fewer graphic on your laptop.

5) Unstable power: Unstable poor supplies can also damage the battery. High or less voltage when passes through the laptop it gives short circuit and it effects on the battery.    Make sure that power supply you are providing to your laptop is stable and giving sufficient voltage or not.

6) Overload programs: if your laptop running too many programs at the same time it will lower the battery of the laptop. Because the overload of many web pages and backup processes consume more battery so in this way laptop drains down its battery abruptly.

7) Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:  Bluetooth and wifi consume more battery of the laptop so always keep your laptop’s Bluetooth and wifi off. And only turn it on while using.

8) Hardware devices: Hardware devices also consume battery, and old hard disks take more battery power for the usage of the hard disk. To remove the hard disk after its use and invest on the hard disk for less consumption of battery power.

9) Overcharging: Overnight charging the battery of a laptop can decrease the lifetime of the battery. One should plug off the laptop from charging when it gets charged.

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