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How to Put Parental Controls on Chromebook?

How to Put Parental Controls on Chromebook?
How to Put Parental Controls on Chromebook?

How to Put Parental Controls on Chromebook?

This is the age of the internet. Be it any topic, you can find it easily on the internet. There is no denying the fact that it has revolutionized our lives.

But with merits, there come demerits too. As a parent, you would want to make sure that your child does not encounter any explicit/adult content while browsing the internet.

One of our regular readers asked, 

How to Put Parental Controls on Chromebook?

Use of the Family link app, adjust settings, and improving security are the few options that are ideal for adding parental controls on Chromebook.

Chromebooks are laptops designed just to run Google Chrome, Google play store and all the apps that are inside the play store. These devices use Google OS instead of the typical Windows OS.

In this article, we will introduce to the ways to how to control which content your child should access and what should be restricted.

How to put parental controls on your Chromebook?

Our editors have explained the best methods that will help you add parental locks on your Chromebook. The most popular way to put parental control on Chromebook is Family link.

Family Link:

To use the family link, you will have to install it on your Chromebook through the Google play store.

What does it do?

The Family link disables the adult content from the browser. It also disables the Incognito mode. The Google play store is also not available after the setup.

It also allows the parents to filter what type of sites they are only allowed to see. It gives the right to parents to grant permission to a child before he/she can open it.

In addition to these, parents are able to provide a white list for certain apps that the kids can install and use. Location of your kids can also be traced using this app.

Moreover, the best thing is you can set the time limit for your child.

How to set up the Family Link?

To set up the family link, you will first have to create your child’s account and log in using that account. After logging into the child account you will then log in with your password permitting the access.

How to set up a Child account on Chromebook:

If you are using the Chromebook  then:

  • Open the Chromebook
  • Add your child’s account into it

If you have already added a child account without a supervision account then make sure to add the supervision account and restart your Chromebook.

You will also have to make sure to turn off the guest browsing.

If you are using a family link app:

If your child is 13 or under, make sure to create his Google account first:

  • Go to Google accounts
  • Go to “Create new account”
  • Enter your child’s credentials such as name, gender, date of birth, city, etc.
  • You will then be introduced to some settings. Follow them will lead you to sign into your own account too
  • Then allow the parental consent on your account so that you can manage your child’s accounts setting.

Or you can:

  • Download the family link app
  • Open it
  • You will see a “Create +” option on the top right of the app. Click it
  • You will see some guidelines to follow. Following them will lead you to the creation of the account.
  • A confirmation will be displayed on the screen once you are done.

After you have set up your child’s account, you would have to log into your account too.

  • Log in to your account
  • The family link will ask permission to disable the play store. Click “YES”
  • Disable the guest browsing (if it’s still on).
  • Click “Accept and Continue”
  • You are ready to go.

Note: you may also restrict other accounts to log into your Chromebook. Just go to the “People”, you will find this option in the settings.

You will find “Manage other users”. Restrict the sign-in process for your account only. Only you can manage changes to your account then.

Family Link and its features:

The family link provides a big range of features. Some of them are listed and explained below:

Parental Consent:

Your child cannot download or access any app without your consent, an approval will be sent to the parent’s family link app and after the allowance, it can be downloaded by the child.

Browsing management:

You can see or manage what your kid has been browsing. Your child would not have any access to Chrome’s incognito mode.

Your child would not be able to see any inappropriate or sexual content on the web.

Again, please make sure not to forget to turn off the guest browsing.

You can also allow a limited number of sites for your child. To do that so; you would have to go to the settings. Hop on to the manage settings option. Choose “Filters on Google Chrome”, there you will see the option of allowing certain sites. Laptops for children must be monitored by their parents.

Access to applications:

All applications are blocked by default, but you can allow certain apps to your child too. This will let your kid download or use a specific app.

To change the accessibility of an app follow these steps:

  • Select the “Apps Installed” option.
  • In the allowed list, click the app you want to be allowed
  • Click “App permissions”
  • You will be able to turn on or off a specific app.

Moreover, if you do not want your child to change these permissions.

  • Select the child.
  • Go to settings
  • Go to app permissions
  • Select the specific app. You will have two options.
  • “Only parent” or “Your child and parents”.
  • Select “Only parent”.

Time limit:

Probably one of the best feature for parents who do not want their kids to surf the internet longer. The family link allows the parent to set the time limit for internet browsing.

Adding to this, a parent can also set a time limit to the apps.  Just simple the following steps:

  • Select the Child
  • Select the “Daily limit” option and set the desired limit.

After the applied setting, your child would not be able to log in to the chrome and will be asked to “Take a break”. Similarly, this setting could be applied at night time too.

Suppose, if you set the time to 11 p.m. the family link would automatically disable your child to use the Chromebook or internet anymore.

Location Services:

The family link gives you access to locate the whereabouts of your child. You can anytime check the location of your child.

To do that so, follow these steps:

  • Select the Child
  • Go to “Manage settings”
  • Go to the “Location”
  • Go to “See your child’s location”
  • Turn it on

Google Play Store:

Your child would not have any more access to the play store. This means that he would not be able to download any type of app. It also shows how much time your kid has spent on an app.

A major drawback of this feature is that Chromebook is mainly based on play store and its apps, a big feature will be missed in this case.

No Youtube:

Youtube does not work on the family link app. Even the youtube kids app cannot be accessed. If it’s accessed, then there will be still loads of channels still missing from it.

Drawbacks of Family link:

Chrome book does have a few demerits. Here are some listed below:

  • No access to Playstore
  • No access to Youtube
  • All the settings are only applied to apps and web content, not the Chromebook itself.
  • Location access is still in the development stages.
  • The kid would not access to certain useful sites too. This can be a hurdle in their learning process or Homework.

Other options to add parental locks on Chromebook

If you don’t want to use family link app, then you can opt for simple configurations in the google chrome browser too:

  • Disable incognito mode
  • Disable “Guest browsing”
  • Disable extensions and plug-ins
  • Enable “Safe search”
  • Enable “Supervised user”
  • Enable Chromebook parental controls and manage its permissions.
  • Block sites by adding their URL’s into the blocked list
  • Restrict sign-in to yourself.

In this era of technology, it is indeed a responsibility of parents to look over their child. A little precaution can save your child from any illegal or immoral activity.

We hope that you have fully understood how to manage parental controls on your Chromebook. Use them wisely.

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