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How to Check if Laptop is VR Ready?

How to Check if Laptop is VR Ready?

Thanks to the latest technology, now we can enjoy Virtual Ready Laptops. With these super-fast laptops, we can play the latest games and watch videos. I love to use my Best VR Ready Laptop for 2020.

A laptop requires a high operating system of choice for PC gamers. The authority of the PC or laptops and virtual reality gaming has enabled game developers to bounce their vision worlds to life. Now, it has become necessary to build Windows devices all set for Virtual Reality gaming.

Best VR Ready Laptops for 2020 are:

Yes, you can check if your laptop is VR ready. You should check the laptop processor speed, mother-board, internet connection speed, RAM and Apps for Virtual Reality.

It is the year of virtual ready laptops and gadgets. In this article, our editors have explained the best methods that will help you use your VR ready laptop.

The majority of devices running the latest version of Windows 10 features virtual reality. We have added a detailed checklist for VR ready laptops.

How to Check if Laptop is VR Ready?

Now it is necessary for the manufacturer to make VR ready laptops that contain high quality of processor.  A laptop has to be fast enough to carry virtual reality applications. Such types of laptops have the highest graphics cards and processors.

These features should be present in VR ready laptop

  • Processor Intel Core i5-6300HQ.
  • GTX 980, 1050 Ti, 1070 or 1080 GPU. RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 are stronger alternatives.
  • RAM of 8GB
  • 4GB of VRAM
  • USB 3.0 ports minimum of two ports should be present.
  • HDMI of size 1.4.
  • Display1920 x 1080.
  • Windows 8 or 10.

Tools required

you can check it in different ways that either your laptop is VR ready or not.

There are 3 types of tools through which you can check your laptop is VR ready:

Oculus Rift Compatibility Check Tool

Oculus, is an American company, in recent times released an effective tool that swiftly scans your system and makes you know if your system meets the VR headset’s requirements.

It performs a thorough checking of your system and gives details about what you can exceed system specifications to make your PC virtual reality compatible.

Go to the Oculus website.

 Download theTool. Now you have downloaded the oculus rift compatibility check tool, now install a downloaded exe file on your laptop. Press run to start the programmed.

once you have installed the app you will see the result page. This will show any components of your pc that does not match the requirements. You can scroll down to see the components

If your laptop meets the recommended system specifications, you should be able to control the complete Rift practice.

But if not, you can expand entries that have a cross marked beside to check what you have currently installed, and anything you should do to upgrade. Please note, if your laptop fails to meet the minimum system recommendation, your laptop will not be competent to run the Rift.

HTC Vive Check Tool

One of the important tools is the HTC Vive compatibility checker. This tool will examine your laptop to find if it meets the minimum recommended specifications to run Vive. It takes very little time a few seconds to a few minutes.

When the test is complete, the results are displayed to inform a user that if his laptop can run VT or not.

If it does not meet the requirements, it will ask for you to upgrade to an entirely well-matched system.

Steam VR Performance Test Tool 

Open the steam and search for the steam VRperformnace test. And then install it, run it and update it. Wait and it will update. now create your account and log in.

Click on the library and select tools and go push down. Double click on steam VR performance test and click on play, after the test, you will see your results. it will show three colors on the screen.


If your laptop is in red color, you will need to upgrade just it means your laptop is VR ready but it only needs to upgrade.

If it shows yellow color it means your laptop is VR ready but it will take more power to use virtual reality gaming. It will require more a=energy and more power for this if your laptop comes in a green scheme of colors it means your laptop is VR ready and you can use it now for a gaming purpose. 

Even you can play games that are available on VIVE store .and can also watch YouTube videos that are in HD quality and also use play store games available on the laptop
 this whole process takes less than 1 hour.

First of all, open your laptop and then the option comes on the screen, choose the country to choose your entire country. Then enable the voice of keyboard if you want, if you do not want then disabled it.

Then choose the English language on in and proceeds set date and time of your entire country.

The message will be shown that we are getting ready for your laptop for you to wait for a while it will take several minutes and then let’s start.

The first thing to check that windows is the right version for the support of this type of laptop. If it is not supporting then update windows 10.

And check all the tools and enabled it on the windows. Then connect the windows mixed reality headset to the laptop now it will connect easily. The only thing to the right connection if HDMI cable to the USB 3 port. If you rightly put this cable then your laptop automatically connects.

The laptop will detect it and then get started and then click on I agree
the important thing is that the driver should beWDDM 2.2 and you have to use USB 3 and must have Bluetooth connection for the controllers to connect and connects the controller. This step is a must to check if your laptop is VR Ready.

Virtual Reality controllers for Laptops

there are some controllers that are used for virtual reality imaging.

1) HTC Vive Controllers: connects by installing Vive software: by using this you can make simple swipe gestures to look around your virtual environment or you can tap your way around your content to appear closely accuracy.

2)3D Rudder can be connected by oculus rift. 

3) Stratus Steel Series: it is very easy in use and makes your mind comfort.

4) Sprint virtual reality: it is a wireless controller and can connect by Bluetooth.

5) Oculus Touch: this is launching very soon and it is very easy to use and gives you comfort.

6) Samsung rink: it is rink providing with controllers to control the vision easily

How to connect VR controllers to the laptop?

Connect the controller cable to the laptop sub port and it will show on the screen specification of the controller.

Now put the battery in the controller and press the button on to the controller. It will connect with the laptop and light of the controller will light up. It means that it is now connected to the laptop.

If we are supposed to create a boundary on VR ready laptop then press the button center and basically, you have to trace the controller in front of the camera and trace it and go to your whole space. You can check it by moving around your whole space of the room.

But it will show some limit that it will catch only that area where a camera can catch it. By using these controllers you will see 3D imaging.

How to use a Virtual reality Headset with a Laptop?

Few things that you can do it with your virtual reality headset.

  • Mountain Bike Experience. You can go to mountain biking with your virtual reality headset it will show nature more beautifully.
  • by using this type of VR ready laptop anyone feels like a bird that he is flying in the sky he imagines himself in another world, the world of fantasy
  • You can easily Explore Places by using a virtual reality headset.
  • Artwork in the virtual reality headset can be seen very beautifully and accurately.
  • one can go anywhere in its dream world by using this so you can be dining in your own choice place
  • It shows Best Blueprints for Architects.

 Few days, I also check if my laptop is VR ready, I am using windows 10 and by updating my windows setting I make my laptop VR ready. The virtual reality atmosphere is constantly growing. Also, you can use the latest and expensive gaming mouse with your laptop.

It brings benefits to almost any field, but it can also be harmful. In short, I  believe that the transformation of the use of virtual reality can be pretty a fruitful accomplishment.

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