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How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost?

How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost?

If you are planning to buy a new laptop, then buying a laptop insurance is a must. The way the technology is progressing, these days, with all the new models of laptops that are available today especially the convertibles also known as two in one laptop. 

Even as a student you need to have the insurance of your laptop because the laptop is a must for class, as in assignment, presentation, etc.

Laptop Insurance in 2020 costs around 150$ – 250$ for a 2-year plan. This is just an average and insurance cost may vary according to a yearly plan. 

Yearly Plan for Laptop Insurance Laptop Insurance Cost in 2020
1-year plan 100$ – 150$
2-year plan 150$ – 250$
3-year plan 250$ – 350$
4-year plan 300$ – 400$

There are a lot of good insurance plans available in the market, which you can choose according to your convenience.

How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost in 2020?

There are even for students, which can be afforded in a really small amount with good benefits and the ones for the large corporation and even a small business. It basically depends upon your demand that which one you are going to choose.

I have listed some of the really good insurance plans here, with all the detail, you can take a look and choose which one suits you. 

Best laptop insurance in 2020 – Square Trade, 2-year laptop accidental plan

Securranty Insurance

It is a really good one and popular one in the USA right now, which is available in all the states of USA and also works on the international level. Securranty offers accidental damage and protection plans, service contracts, electronics insurance, benefits programs and much more.

Even as a large corporation you can choose Securranty because it is equally known and preferred in business, consumers, retailers, and distributors. It provides a perfect insurance plan for your laptops, MacBooks, chrome books and much more. As you can claim 24 x 7 anytime.

You can also locate your claim by simply logging in to the account. Plus, you will get emails and updates, so you have all the information about your claim. It will also include the shipment and tracking. Another amazing feature of Securranty is their fast service. And, if you can’t wait, you can just take your laptop to any of the repair shops in your area.

And Securranty will reimburse you, just don’t forget to file your claim before. Also, if you don’t want to go to repair shop yourself then no worries. Tech will be sent to your location by Securranty, you can get your device fixed while sitting home. And know that after sending the claim, once it gets approved then you will receive an email.

NSSI, Best Laptop Insurance for 2020

National Student Services is another awesome laptop insurance plan, which is quite famous, as indicated by the name, in students. It has three plans, WOW, FANTASTIC and OMG, and again the plans are just like the name. All of these are annual plans, but installments are so small and affordable that you can easily take this plan.

WOW, the laptop insurance plan is just the 6 $ per month, which has the coverage of all 12 months. Also, it includes a 2000 $ limit per claim, with 100 $ deductible.

The second, FANTASTIC plan is 9.26 $ per month, which includes 12-month coverage and 4000 limits per claim, with 50 $ deductible. And, the last one is OMG, which has 20.75 $ per month, again with 12 months coverage.

And, 10,000 limits per claim, with 100 $ deductible. These are the most popular NSSI insurance plans among students and the amazing thing is you can buy any of these plans online. If you are a high school student, you should go for this laptop insurance plan.

You know, most students are the ones with the lost and damage property especially if you are living in a dorm.  According to one survey, there are 4000 fires and more than 12000 thefts every year in student’s residential areas.

And, NSSI is the one which makes sure that, as a student, you have your property even in the case of loss or damage. NSSI has about 40 years of experience in providing insurance services to students. And is extremely popular among the students who are living away from their homes.

As, it is understandable that today, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc are the necessities of the students, which are really difficult to replace by students.

You can get Student Insurance policy at NSSI, as it is a really good option, for a student. And, has good reviews from the users. Or you can read the next one to find the one more suitable for you.

Gadget Laptop Insurance costs 19$ per month

It is recognized and accepted not only in the USA but also in the UK and other countries for its excellent services. It has many important features, which attract users to buy it.

Gadget Insurance includes not only accidental damage but also liquid damage and theft. Plus, the amazing thing is 90 days Worldwide cover is given, just to you in any of the 12 months period of insurance.

That means, wherever you are, whether, on a short break or a long break, Gadget Insurance makes sure that your laptop is covered. Actually, it’s the pack, which makes sure that your insurance is worldwide.

So make sure you are carrying it with you everywhere. Plus, not only that but along with all the benefits come the low excesses.

Though, for its home insurance, it has a varying range of excesses. But, to make sure that your gadget is included in your insurance policy, be careful and pay all the attention, while reading the contract.

As for the insurance, you just have to pay 19 $ per month and you can enjoy all the facilities provided by Gadget Insurance. Here is a detailed guide on the interest rates for laptops.

As for the other details or in case of questions, you can visit their official website, where it has the option of live chat. Plus, reading the reviews by the user is also a good option as it gives you the idea of the life experiences people has while using it.

Everything breaks

It is an online insurance website, which has been really popular. Many of my friends recommended me this and once, I read the conditions and all the facilities it was providing to its customers. I have to say I was impressed. So, I decided to add this to my list.

First of all, the most amazing thing about Everything Breaks is that it gives you 2 years protection plan for your MacBook and all the models of laptops.

It has the slogan of IN THE WORLD, WHERE EVERYTHING BREAKS, and I have to agree because I have broken twice my laptop in one year, and it was literally the insurance which saved me.

Everything breaks insurance covers from the cracked screens to the broken internal parts, no matter how big or small the scratch it, you can file for your claim.

Plus, you are also covered in the case of WIFI failure or the RAM failure, which literally kills your laptop. I would say a laptop is dead without them. Also, in case of hard drive crash, Everything Breaks covers it for you. And, it doesn’t end here but begins because it also includes the LCD burn out.

Even if your LCD gets dimmer after some time or maybe discolored or gets lines over a display, you can claim. And, whether it is a splash or one spill, you can go to Everything Breaks.

And, the most important and common thing and I really loved it, when I read it on their website that if you need to hold your charging wire when charging your laptop.

Then it is the port, not the cable, so you can again, which you must have learned by now, claim! And, Everything Breaks will be there for you, with a belief that things are there to be get broken and can be replaced.

It’s the people that matter! Also, Everything Breaks have some of their terms or conditions, you can say.

And, they are, first of all, you have to buy the plan within the 30 days in which you have purchased your laptop. Keep in mind that there are no hassle claims. And, as mentioned before that accidental damage even from drops or the spills is included.

Plus, it has really low 49 $ deductible. And, the local repairs to make sure that you don’t live a day without your laptop.

These are the best laptop insurance plans and though, I have tried my best to include all the details, along with their fee but if you have any questions, you can go to their official website.

Or you can leave your questions in the comment section below, and my team will get back to you as soon as possible.

And, while buying the insurance plan, make sure that you have read all the details and the conditions before signing it.

Choose the plan which is easily affordable for you and covers the maximum points. And after that, make a cup of coffee and relax because protecting your laptop, it is the duty of someone else now!

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