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Best Laptops for Live Streaming 2019

Best Laptops for Live Streaming 2019

I love to do live streaming. Yes, I am a professional live streamer and I am doing it for the past 8 years. Actually, I was always interested to come in public and speak my inner to everyone. I tried different ways in my student life and I was successful. I gained a lot of confidence. But then, I came up with the idea of live streaming. Later on, it became part of my life. For this, you need the best laptops for live streaming.

Firstly, I was confused about what to do. Which type of content I will create. But gradually, I understood all. Now, I make YouTube videos with great content. I am also doing online sessions with my students. Live streaming is now my job also, I am doing it full time.

I searched a lot about how to do the perfect live streaming. It ended finding that, all you need is your self-confidence and the most important thing; a quality laptop with HD webcam. A perfect laptop for live streaming actually makes everything better. Firstly, I faced a lot of difficulty in finding out the best laptop for this purpose. But luckily, I found help from laptop professionals.

I took my first live streaming laptop around that time. I did many videos and gradually I learned a lot. Now, I am a professional Youtuber doing regular live streams. This guide will also help you guys to start doing live streaming. 

I have been using laptops for streaming Netflix along with playing a variety of online games. Thanks to the latest technology, now we can also live stream while we play. 

Comparison Chart for Best Laptops for Live Streaming 2019

Our editors have selected 4 of these amazing laptops that are just perfect for live streaming.

Laptops for Live Streaming Features HD Webcam Price
Acer Aspire 7 Intel Core, i7, super fast processor yes $$$
Dell G 5 8th generation, 6 core, i7 processor yes $$$
Lenovo AMD A6, super fast processor yes $$$
ASUS Chromebook Intel Core m5, latest design yes $$$

Acer Aspire 7, Live Streaming Laptop

There are a lot of laptops available in the market and you have a bundle to select from but always selection depends upon your usage. How much you use a laptop is important and for what purpose you use it is also very important.

In my opinion, you should focus on the features of the laptop and how the devices are important. If you like to watch movies and do live streaming of the things then the Acer Aspire 7 Casual Gaming laptop is the best item to get selected as it gives the maximum gaming experience.

Here are some features of the Acer Aspire7 live streaming laptop. Hope you find them helpful:

  1. Design:

This is a great looking laptop with great looks and appearance. It is full of qualities which makes it too cool device for usage. Its back lid is made up of plastic brushed with the aluminum and it is a very lightweight laptop.

The hinges of this laptop are very flexible and can open up to 180˚ easily and provide you the comfort of usage. It is a device which is a bundle of qualities and makes your gaming experience up to the mark.

  1. Performance:

It is one of the best laptop systems which is consisted of many features and qualities. I mean you love the system for it high and super fast performance. It has a processor of 8GB and this is a great processor which is super fast in its working. It has Intel core i7 7700 processor.

It has a GPU of  1050. Its display is very vivid and great. It has a lot of features which makes it a perfect device for a lot of working and thus it does not get hot while having a lot of work done. This device is able to control a lot of processing tasks.

  1. Screen and Graphics:

Its screen and graphics make this laptop so cool and great to work along. It has the screen resolution of  1080p and its resolution capabilities are quite high as the IPS is powered by Acer technology. The display is 15.5 inches in size and has a lot of qualities.

I mean you take the name and it has the feature of the display. It has an ideal GPU performance of 1050 which give you the screen view optimum. It also consists of many great features which are too great for its working.

  1. Storage capacity:

Its hard is quite spacious and has a space of 256GB SSD which does not make the system slow in fact it let the system to work super fast and the storage is not so big or great that it can get settle up easily. It has also another wonderful feature that it has an extra slot for the addition of another hard disk slot.

  1. Ports and connectivity:

It has a lot of ports and a lot of connectivity sites for the attachment of the devices. It has one type C USB port, It has  3 USB port type A  2.0 USB ports are two in number and one 3.0 USB port is present.  It has one HMDI output.

It also consists of one card reader port. This laptop has great connectivity and provides you with the ultimate availability of the ports for charging and transfer of data.

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  • These laptops have high performance and working from these laptops is quite easy and comfortable to work with.
  • These laptops have great gaming performance and consider as on the great gaming laptop.
  • It has SSD and has HDD and have great storage capabilities.
  • Its keyboard is highly illuminated.
  • Its hinges are very sturdy.
  • Its touchpads are available with a fingerprint reader.
  • It has great features of IPS display.
  • Its CPU  is very strong and its working is maximum.
  • Its price is quite high.


  • Its display lid is easily twisted.
  • In the stress conditions the cooling system breaks.
  • It has no USB 3.1 Type .C generation 2.
  • Its base has sharp edges.
  • Its screen is dim and the colors are not very sharp.
  • Its battery can be improved.


It is a great machine with lots of features and availability of the best screening experience. You will definitely love this laptop. It is full of features and capability of the best computing experience. This streaming laptop is a beautiful out looking screen with lightweight and widescreen and keeps your working fine and up to date. So you can say it is a fine addition to your devices.

Dell G5 Laptop

Dell G5 Gaming laptop is a great laptop with wide streaming and it has a great ability to provide you long duration viewership of the videos and the gaming too. These laptops are full of too many qualities which make these laptops a must choice for gamers and people who love streaming.

Dell G5 streaming laptops as displayed in the name are a choice for online streaming. It has an awesome ability to make your online streaming experience best. It is one of the best laptop brands among all the laptops.  These laptops are able to play games at the optimum level.

I have explained some qualities of the laptops as follow:

  1. Design:

It has a magnesium alloy chassis and has the best ability to show a perfect style of working and its design is quite modern and has made things up to the mark. It has a specific opening at the angle of 140˚.

It has a problem which has undergone the problem of the fingerprint smudging as the chassis is black and has the shine so the smudging is evitable.  Its thick body has created a certain sort of problems for the system and its working.

  1. Ports:

The ports of these laptops are I guess enough to provide great connectivity to these devices and have the maximum working capabilities. These laptops have the three ports for the connection of the USB apparatuses and these USB ports are of 3.1 connectivity.

It also has a USB port of type C connection and it is also powered by Thunderbolt technology. It is also equipped with the HMDI 2.0 connection which has given the status vast to the connectivity of ports of the laptop. It is also equipped with the SD card reader status. This has enhanced the status of these laptops.

  1. Performance:

It has the high performance and can withstand the high working pressures easily that it can cause the increased performance of the laptops as there are up to six cores and the computing abilities of these laptops are maximum.

They can compute and manipulate data in an optimum way so the things can get done easily and the speed of the laptop is not at all affected. These laptops are considered as one of the best set of a streaming laptop as far as performance is concerned. This amazing laptop is an awesome choice for live streaming.

  1. Battery:

It has a big advantage that it has long battery life. It consists of the battery time of approximately 6hours and 15minutes. It is good as it provides optimum for gaming on the internet and the working on this laptop is very much great and gives you a lot of support. I love this streaming laptop and one of the reasons is the battery time.

  1. Keyboard and touchpad:

Its keyboard has a backlit and the ability to work on the laptop in the dark is quite good. You can work on it easily without any hurdle and the hustle free situation can be created easily. The touchpad is very sensitive and has a quality of great performance as far as the touch is concerned.

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  • This laptop is of great importance as the performance for live streaming is quite awesome for these laptops.
  • You can play games in High definition mode on these laptops.
  • It can never get hot and thus be protected easily.
  • Its battery life is too good that you can use the laptops for longer durations easily without any trouble.
  • It has Thunderbolt 3 port empowerment.
  • It is equipped with the fingerprint sensor.
  • Its base is quite strong and helpful.
  • Its price is very much reasonable.
  • Its CPU is very fast in its working.
  • Its IPS display has an angle of viewing very high.
  • It has a sensitive fingerprint sensor.


  • Its card reader is very slow and sometimes gets unresponsive.
  • It is heavy for easy movements.


Gaming laptops are too much great as far s features are concerned. So you can that it is one of the best streaming laptops, which provide you with great working capabilities.

Lenovo 15.6

Lenovo 2019 Newest Premium Idea pad 15.6 inches is a great laptop which has amazing features to work in the best possible way to show its features in an amazing way. These laptops have a variety of features which makes it stand out among the heap of live stream widescreen laptops.

I personally love this set of the machine and this machine is a worthy intention to buy. You will surely love this game and it will definitely give you the ultimate gaming experience too.

Here are some features of Lenovo 2019 newest Premium Idea pad 15.6 inches:

  1. Design:

The design of these laptops is very fine as it gives the effect of the aluminum build to the laptop. This aluminum build is sometimes problematic for many people as it can sometimes create marks on the laptop. It is totally considered as an ultrabook and gives it a very fine appearance.

  1. Display:

The display is very vivid and clear. Its brightness is too cool. It has a 1366×768 TN panel. It is quite better than the IPS panel. Its angles are also controllable easily and its screen is totally glared free. If you are going for live streaming then you must have a decent display with clear visibility. It is a good choice Laptop for Elderly Parents

  1. Keyboard and Touchpad:

These laptops have also a very important feature that it has the ability to get done typing very nicely. These laptops are without any backlit and have the ability to withstand long typing durations easily. Its touchpad is also very much cool in its appearances as it can control the touch easily. It has also the ability to control gestures easily.

  1. Ports and storage:

These laptops are full of features and these features keep these laptops very strong working wise. It has different types of ports as it has a USB port of 2.0 and one USB port 3.0. It has an HMDI port too. It has a port for SD card too. Other ports include the port of headphone jack and it is also powered with the Bluetooth availability of version 4.1. It also has one Ethernet port.

  1. Performance:

This computer of Lenovo is full of features with the processor of 1.1 GHz and it can speed up to 2.4 GHz and you can say its working is quite great in its working. It has an Intel Celeron processor with the availability of 4GB RAM.

It is also equipped with graphics integrated 600. It is also equipped with the highly integrated chips which are very high in its performance. It is very much great device in its performance as it is high in its function.

  1. Battery Life:

It has long battery life and its battery is quite strong that it can handle a lot of working pressure. But without proper charging, it can only be in working state for only for hours. However, this can be improved.

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  • This laptop has very high performance as it can work up to a maximum level.
  • It is very nice in design and its features.
  • Its cost is very much reasonable.
  • Its connectivity is quite great in its activity.
  • These laptops are very rigid as far as it’s aluminum casing is concerned.


  • It has some issues with its battery life.
  • Its display brightness is quite low.


These laptops are full of great features as far as their usage is concerned. These laptops are great in its working and the activity is good. Of course, you need a laptop which is up to the mark in its working while you are watching a movie or any kind of video these laptops give you the great viewership and this is quite awesome as far as its working is concerned. This is the best laptop for streaming games, I love to play a live multiplayer game.

We know that everything is not perfect so there are for sure some lapses in the laptop of Lenovo but it is a good choice if you are running short of budget and you will surely face the failure if these laptops are not working according to the way it is meant for.

In my opinion, you should use this laptop for live streaming as they are going to provide you with the best computing and watching experience as it has a wide vivid glared proof screen and this is the best thing you want from your laptop.

ASUS Chromebook

Asus chrome book flip 12.5 inches laptop is one of the best laptops as it is full of features and it has a lot of qualities which gives these laptops a great feature during working. Thus these laptops provide the optimum working capabilities to the person using it.

These laptops are quite expensive but the class of its usage is perfect for its use. This laptop has a bundle of features and you can’t even imagine how many features these laptops carry and these features quite differentiated from its competitors.

Here are some features of Asus Chrome book flip:

  1. Design:

This laptop is full of many features but the best one is its aluminum body and this aluminum body gives these laptops the appearance of Mac book and you can use these laptops everywhere you want as its hinge can move up to 360˚ thus it is the great feature of these laptops as it can be converted to a tablet or tent.

  1. Display:

This laptop has a display of 12.5 inches wide screen and has a pixel of 1920×1080. The color scheme of these laptops is very strong and the differentiated colors quality. Its display is quite cool and great and provides maximum working experience.

  1. Keyboard, touch screen and touchpad:

These laptops have a very nice keyboard which is quite awesome to touch and use. You can work on it without getting tired for hours. Its keyboard is also equipped with the backlit so that you can have the best typing speed.

Its buttonless touchpad is able to do perfect navigation and this navigation is problem free and you can do typing easily on it. Its touch screen has great ability to get touched and working is quite awesome in these laptops.

  1. Audio:

Its audio is quite clear and you can listen to music at your maximum and you are able to do things quite nicely and the clarity of the music is close to optimum in this laptop.

  1. Performance:

The performance of these laptops is very good and the speed of these laptops is full of awesomeness. Due to its heavy processing, it works very smoothly under pressure conditions. So you can say that these speakers are best of its kind.

  1. Battery Life:

It provides the battery life of more than 8 hours. Its battery life keeps things managed for a long duration of time and you are going to feel better as if it is quite different for people who are fed up of the working on the slow battery.

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  • Its tablet mode is quite elegant.
  • It has a quite vivid screen and working on this system is perfect.
  • It has a tactile keyboard.
  • Its screen is quite colorful.
  • Its performance is very much reliable.
  • Its keyboard is quite comfortable.


  • Its speakers are not fine.
  • Its connectivity is very limited.
  • It is a chrome book.
  • Its USB port doesn’t have the support of Thunderbolt 3.


This is quite an awesome laptop which is full of many things and features. It is full of many features. These are the laptop which provides you with maximum gaming experience as it is good for typing, watching movies and playing games.

This laptop is very fine looking and the keyboard is comfortable and smooth in use. It is considered as one of the best set of laptop and it has a lot of properties and you will surely love these qualities as it provides a great computing facility. It is quite a wonderful machine.

I highly recommended that is a perfect set of laptop and it has a lot of quality within a very rich looking body and you are going to love this laptop as it qualities are quite remarkable as far as its working is concerned.

You will surely love this laptop as it is very much perfect in its activities. You will surely love this laptop as it is a wonderful set of a machine which makes your working up to mark.

My story about Best Laptop for Live Streaming

I am a high school teacher. I have been teaching for 12 years. But now the teaching styles have changed and became easier. Live streaming has made my work much easier. Now I can teach my students by sitting in my home.

This thing is incredibly amazing that students learn more by this method. Actually, they take interest in learning like this. While talking about my students, they are learning great. And I am extremely happy that I have introduced the live streaming method to teach them.

From the last 3 years back, I heard about the live streaming method. Although I knew about this before. But I came to know that even teachers are live streaming to teach their students and this was a new thing to me. I also think that time that I should also start this.

Finally, I make up my mind and then, I decided and announced a specific time for my online streaming to the students. And they said, Ok respected teacher. Most of the children don’t want to study at this age. And it is quite funny that we all are also the same in our student lives. But believe me; the students took so much interest to study by this method that their progress has proved it to me.

When I look at all such progress and student’s interest, then I decided that I will continue streaming sessions. So, always in the specific evening timings, I give lessons to my students via live streaming. They enjoy it and listen to it very well. All my hard work on them becomes fruitful as I see their progress in the exam.

My student’s progress is a proud moment for me always.  Now, live streaming is my passion. I also make other live streaming videos on my YouTube channel besides teaching. This thing is not only amazing but interesting too.

 Now, I love to do live streaming. People like my video content very much. If you ask me what if you have nothing to do in your life and you have to choose just one thing? I will damn sure that I will say that the only work would be live streaming because I just love it.

But live streaming is not just like a cake piece, you have to do a lot of struggle for sure. If you are also live streamer than definitely, you can understand it. First of all, you have to take the best laptop for perfect live streaming.

Things to consider when buying a laptop for live streaming

Here, I will share some of the most important things that you must keep in your mind when you are going to buy a laptop for live streaming. As when I selected the laptop for doing live streaming, I look for all these things in that laptop and ultimately I found the best one. Now, it helps me to do the perfect live streaming.

Read it carefully. Here you go;

High-quality laptop

A high-quality laptop will allow for high-quality live streaming.  A good quality laptop definitely has the various out class features that help in perfect streaming. Otherwise, a low-quality laptop will cause multiple problems. Make sure that your laptop is of a good company.


The major thing for live streaming is the web camera of your laptop.  You must take a laptop with the best webcam. It should have a great resolution, good megapixels, and a full D web cam. These things will make the web camera perfect for streaming.

Besides the perfect webcam, you should also sit in a proper lightening for smooth live streaming.

Built-in microphones

The webcam must have the built-in microphones for clear transmission of your voice.  Yet, check for the sound card and mixer so that you can set the sound levels by your own.  A laptop must have the crystal clear audio so that there is no barrier when you do streaming.

Video installing software

You must also have the video installing software in your device.  Yet, if it is not pre-installed, you can install it in your laptop yourself.

Good RAM

 Good RAM is also another important thing to look for. You will be able to do quick multi-tasking in front of someone when sharing the screen with them. It will not let the speed of the system down.

Your laptop will keep working fast, even if you have opened too many windows and doing various tasks at the same time.

Fast processor

 A fast processor is basically the need of every laptop. Not only the laptop for live streaming but also laptops for other purposes should have a fast processor. I think that there is no fun if your laptop is having a slow processor.

A slow processor means you will waste a lot of your time on your laptop. Make sure that the laptop processor is good and is having high speed.  The fast processor will make everything fast, even multi-tasking, loading things fast, quick downloads, editing the videos with great ease etc.

Final words

Follow this entire guide when you are going to buy a laptop for you and be a perfect live streamer. All these things are the essentials in the live streaming laptop. Give this article a careful view and soon you will be doing great live streaming. 

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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