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Best Laptops for Girls 2019

Best Laptops for Girls 2019 Reviews

This article is from Jane, she is a content writer at What Laptops. In this article, she explains in detail, Laptops for Girls. You will find a detailed discussion on, how girls select laptops.

Here we go:

My name is Jane. I am a University student. I study arts and I like colors in my each and everything and when I see colors I am like oh yeah!!! I like variety as variety is the spice of life and wherever I see art and beauty I cannot keep myself away from it as it attracts me.

Best Gaming Laptop 2019

As I told earlier to you guys that I am a person full of colors and I like variety then how can I keep on using same gadgets for a long period of time? Oh Please!! My mother said to me that your old one is fine but I need to tell her that it is with me for more than two years now I am completely bored from it. I mean come on!!!

I have tried a lot to compromise by changing the covering of the laptop to enhance its looks but now enough is enough. I can’t bear with it anymore and this laptop is not of my choice either my mother gave it to me on passing my college. Now I guess I am done with it. I cannot be with this oldie any more.

I mean like look at the market it is full of beautiful and elegant laptops for girls and I have seen a lot of laptops for me. I like the one which is very lightweight, unique, up to date and decent with funky colors. I used to carry some things for decorating my laptop as I told the old one…..ahhh I hate to decorate the laptops with fake things I want the original one and the beautiful one too 🙂

Women have very few choices about the selection of laptops as most of the laptops available in the market are very typical. I want a laptop which is that much compact that it can be easily fit into my bag.

I want live streaming of online makeup tutorials, games, fashion shows and of course movies. I want to do all these things on HD glare-free screen and the screen should be in such form that it may not spoil my eyesight.

I also want to use laptops for the purpose of my arts-based projects and I have to undergo a large number of working on different software and I want such laptop which is compatible with my all software.

I like listening to music on laptops and hate it in low volume I want such type of laptop which have hi-fi sound system and I can hear loud uninterrupted music.

I have searched on the internet about certain girly laptops and I am amazed at that OMG!!! There is such a variety of laptops available in markets and I like all of them.

But I have to select only one and it is a tough job to do. But we have to do it. My research is purely on looks and the prominent features as I know that the basic specifications of all the laptops are same.

Some best laptops for girls are as follow:

Here is the list of best laptops for girls:

Mac book Air Rose Gold:

It is very lightweight as only 0.76Pounds. I personally love it.  It’s very much beautiful in this color. It is so elegant and beautiful. Its cover is as light as a paper and it’s the best.

Sony Vaio VPCP113KX/P:

It is also a good choice as it is loaded with a webcam, Bluetooth, and hot pink color OMG my favorite. It is also not much heavy.

HP Mini210-1099SE Vivienne Tam Edition:

It is a very pretty laptop as it is girls only edition and it carries a very delicate butterfly on its back cover and not much heavy also.

Asus EE PC 1008P:

It is a cheap one with hot pink leather back cover and its features are also very cool and nice. If you are running short of the budget it is a good choice for a girly girl as it up rose the fashion sense of the user.

Asus U33JC –A1 bamboo:

It is a laptop with the cover having the finish of bamboo and it is a very distinguished kind of laptop and if you want to stand out it is a good choice.

HP Garden Dreams Pavilion DV5-2129WM:

It carries the impression of flowers on its back color and also not very expensive and is not very much heavy and it is a beautiful laptop of girls.

Dell Studio 15:

It is available in the variety of colors and we have a wide choice of colors available so a girl can select a lot from different kind of things.

MSI Wind U 123:

It is available in different colors too and can easily be available on online markets and can be bought easily.

Sony Vaio VPCEA 33FX/P:

It is a very good laptop too as it is available in hot pink color and the choices about music and movies are good on it as it is perfect for the media lovers and its screen is 14 inches.

My Personal Favorite Laptop

I like the apple mac book air a lot but it is quite expensive and you know that my mom is a single mom and its beyond my ability to buy it but I will save my pocket money and do some jobs as part-time then I will definitely be able to gather a handsome amount of money to buy apple mac book air. I love to play games on my laptop and with high-speed internet, things are just so beautiful. I have just posted a guide about improving internet connection, give it a read 🙂

For time being  I think I will buy the HP Mini210-1099SE Vivienne Tam Edition as it carries a butterfly on its cover and it suits my personality and it is according to my taste lightweight and got all the required features. I liked it a lot as I do not need to decorate it any further and it is well decorated and I think I should go for it. It also suits my personality and my monetary resources.

Final Words About Laptops for Girls

Well, I told you about my experience of selecting a laptop. Now when I finally bought the one with that pretty butterfly logo I am so happy and my brother brings a beautiful laptop bag for me. It is a beautiful bag with the fish embossed stars on the bag and I like it a lot.

Now I think, I am looking like a pure fashion symbol in my whole university.

For me, my laptop is not only helping me in fulfilling my job but also helping me out in solving my many problems regarding my life. And if my laptop or the things around me are dull then I may not be able to have enough room in my mind to solve my problem.

And for being an art student it is also a status symbol for us and dull and simple laptop depicts that you got a dull and boring personality and I am a lot conscious about my reputation in my university.

In my opinion, all girls are conscious about their looks and not only their outlooks but also the things related to them. The most important thing related to a person going to university or office is her laptop and it looks so sophisticated if you have a dandy and beautiful laptop.

It also reflects your image. We girls are not much concerned about the core feature. If aesthetically laptop is beautiful and fulfilling the needs then we are completely happy with it. And also I am not a computer science student that I should focus on specifications I am student of nature and I only like the creative objects near to me.

My choice was apple mac book air but I wasn’t able to buy it so I can say that it is not completely explaining my personality but I am quite happy and satisfied with what I got. It is really a fresh change in my monotonous life and I am pleased to have it.

Hope my article did the needful and it explains the tastes and choice of many girls like me. I loved to tell about my preferences in the field of gadgets. I wish it help all girls in selecting a wonderful machine for then. Any question regarding this will highly be appreciated It is such a great feeling to share my thoughts, especially on my preferences 🙂

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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