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Best Laptop for Fashion Designers 2019 Reviews

Best Laptop for Fashion Designers 2019 Reviews

My name is Kate Not Middleton lolz!!! Just a joke. I have been working for and a regular blogger on it.  In this article, I will explain about the Best Laptop for Fashion Designers 2019. This is an interesting topic for me and I will explain it here. When I was young, I always wanted to become a fashion designer and this interview with the designer, is like a dream come true for me.

Every girl wants to know about fashion and the latest trends. This is my chance while meeting with one of the top fashion designers, I can discuss the latest fashion trends for girls. This article is about the best laptops for fashion designers and I will stick to the topic.

Best Gaming Laptops 2019 Reviews

Today I must say that I am a lot happy as I got a chance to interview a famous fashion designer in the town. It is my first interview and I am going to interview the person I like the most and that proves that I am a lucky person. I am not only a huge fan of this designer but also I want to learn a lot from her and I think today is the day.

I always wanted to be a fashion designer and it was my childhood dream to become a fashion designer. I have also got admission in the fashion school and was into this field. However, due to the sudden dismissal of my parents in an airplane crash, I was unable to pay the dues of my fashion school and I have to do some part-time jobs to earn a living and that makes me left the fashion school. Alas!! A tragedy of my life then I got a chance to write the blogs and I am writing now but today is indeed a big day for me.

As you know that my company, deals with solutions to all queries about laptops so my topic of the interview also focus on that point but I will discuss different tips for me 🙂

Before starting my interview it is my foremost job to find out best available laptops in the market for fashion designers as with that I will be able to get the whole information about the laptop she is preferring to use. To get any rich interview in my opinion the interviewer should be highly informed.

Best Laptop for Fashion Designers 2019 Reviews

Some of the best laptops mostly selected by the designers are:

Asus UX360:

It is the best laptop for the fashion designers as it is available in the smart and elegant aluminum body. It is available in the high definition screen resolution and it is easily moldable into a tablet at the same time its battery is quite long lasting. We can do hustle free browsing on it and it supports all the applications like Adobe and other graphics-based software. It is high speed in its working. It has fewer problems in lagging and system hanging and provides seamless working solutions.

Apple Mac book Pro15.4 inches:

If i am a fashion designer it is going to be my favorite laptop as Apple Mac is my favorite company private and secured and you can work in a great environment with it as it gives you an executive look while using a machine. It is equipped with retina display highly modern and up to date laptop and having a giant robust processor having the ability to work super fast whether it is concerned with fashion designing or not or it has an ability to run the graphic based programmes with such ease and supremacy that everyone is going to be your fan.

Lenovo ThinkPad:

It is a quite user-friendly sort of device with the availability of the pens so that you can write on it and most important you can do drawing over it as the drawing is the major tool of a designer to execute his thoughts into reality. Its RAM is very powerful and working on it is quite great as it provides hurdle free working ground its screen is foldable and common I like this feature a lot as you can give presentations on it easily and it is not very much expensive.

Surface Pro 4:

It is laptop which I consider a tablet more than laptop as its major functioning is more active like drawing with the pen with GPU on the tablet mode when it is detached from the keyboard but its machine is powerful and support the working over it easily be done as the keyboard is very helpful while typing and it support the graphic based data and technically the best machine for designer and lightweight  and easy to carry and roam about and working is quite easy and helpful in it.

HP ZBook Studio G3:

It is a laptop with extraordinary outlooks and features ordinary looking. It is very much elegant looking laptop and its external looks reflect that is related with the person concerned with arts and design and people selects it just because of design but its features include that it has very less storage space. Although it is lightweight and easy to carry and has the ability to store all the information and compatible with the software. Its display is also very good and has high resolutions of power to work with.

Personally I like Apple Mac book but I am not a designer by profession but as far as I know, designing it is equipped with all the major specifications needed for its working. It’s rather expensive but it looks very unique and has a great appearance.  Its security level is very high and data is secured. And has theft control and Apple has its own features which make it unique and make is a distinguish machine.

But when I met the designer she told me that designers have different criteria for different things so they cannot select laptop just like that.

How to Select Best Laptop for Fashion Designers 2019?

I talked with my favorite fashion designer for hours and here is the summary of the laptops for fashion designers. Having a good laptop plays an essential role in your progress. Not only it saves you with a lot of time but thanks to the latest technology, you can even make a custom application for your business.

Here are some of the important factors to consider when buying a laptop for a fashion designer:

  1. The screen is a very important laptop feature as most of the laptops are nowadays available with retina display and are equipped with high resolution as the resolution and pixels are very important when it comes with the concern to the working of the designer.
  2. Another important feature is the color definition is a quite important thing in the laptop of a designer. There are certain software which needs a 100% accuracy in colors and displays a designer laptop should have this feature as it is a very important feature to deal with
  3. The processor is the second most important aspect as it is a very much important feature to deal with. The fashion designer needs a laptop with a very much heavy processor with the ability to work constantly for hours.
  4. The architectural and the graphical software should not affect the working of the laptop easily and the speed of the system does not slow down because this software is a must for the designers to depicts the work in their mind into reality.
  5. RAM of the laptop should be robust enough to cope up the working which is a lot complex and working on this system is quite twisty.  o a light RAM will be finished to death soon so we need a RAM which is able to withstand the damages and problems regarding the working of a designer which is a tough job to do a many 3 D arts graphics and designing based soft ware’s are present there.
  6. Graphics of your laptop should be updated as they carry the ability to work in 2D and 3D environment thus it is the toughest job for the designer to do on the laptop. I suggest going with the latest version of the Nvidia graphics card.
  7. Battery is also very important as what you are going to do if you are on a project and unable to do charging and you laptop battery drains it will going to be a mess so you should try to use a laptop with high battery timing and that it should charge quickly so you have to face the hustle less.
  8. An easy to use a keyboard is important as you have to do a lot of typing tasks on your laptop and a user-unfriendly laptop will ruin your experience and also be the cause of the delay.
  9. Nowadays laptops are coming with the digital pens so you can draw whatever in your mind easily and it is an invention which is come as a blessing.

Final Words About Best Laptops for Fashion Designers 2019

I have explained all the details about the meeting. Now coming to the last part of the meeting, I asked her what kind of laptop she is using she told me that she is using Microsoft powered surface pro4.  This super device which comes with all the features she needed in her machine it can be used to draw the creative images in her mind easily. She can work without a keyboard if she is not willing to it is a lightweight machine.

She can take it anywhere she wants and the resolution and color differentiation of the screen is very perfect that is considered as up to the mark. The processor works super fine and she also teaches fashion so she can make presentations on it on the laptop.

It was a wonderful experience to have in conversation with such an informative person who knows about laptops a lot and it was an excellent conversation and I enjoyed it a lot.

Hope you also liked my conversation and article too and you can ask anything you want about the article as I feel privileged to answer.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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