Best Laptop Accessories for Gamers

Best Laptop Accessories for Gamers

Hello guys, my name is Alex Rawley. By profession, I’m a blogger and my field of research is information technology and my exploration circles around the new technology and gadgets. Alongside, I am also a semi-professional gamer and occasionally take part in local tournaments. And in need to keep my game up to par, I keep my eye on all new advancements that can improve my experience.

In the 21st century, the advancement in all sectors of technology has taken a great leap in a forwarding direction. Gaming industry especially has taken so much exposure that it is competing with the film industry. Various gaming franchises like FIFA series (by EA Sports), Call of Duty, Resident Evil, etc. have established a solid fan base all over the world. And it’s increasing day by day.

Coming on the public surface from the 1980s (if we say properly, with the formation of arcade games and introduction of Nintendo)  to 2019 currently, the whole industry worth is touching the horizons of 33.6 billion USD by 2020 and its getting higher and higher by every single moment.

Alongside it, the gaming emulators or consoles are also continuously developing to provide gamers endless support to play and experience the best gaming ever. Xbox, PlayStation are the main contenders in the race, giving PC users a huge bump in competition but recently gaming at PCs have been evolved a lot by the introduction of high tech and advanced laptops, which are so well equipped for the immense gaming experience.

Best Laptop Accessories for Gamers 2019

The new generation of laptops equipped with the 9th generation of processor, high-level gaming cards and huge RAM are changing the landscape in no time. And now in the year 2019-2020 the cloud gaming is going to be the next thing by breaking all barriers and bringing up a totally new universe of possibilities to explore and play.

Giant companies like Google, Tencent, Microsoft, and Amazon are already owning data centers to make this happen very soon. Within this year we will see seek and grab the consumer market of this new dimension of gaming as soon as possible.

Gaming Laptops offer so much convenience in term of portability, compatibility and always been a best all-around solution for users who want to enjoy whole computing experience alongside the gaming. The users who travel a lot can enjoy all the features on the go. And to their aid, many other third-party manufacturers have introduced a ton of accessories that can help in keeping your gaming level above and beyond the competition.

Laptops like ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701, Razor Blade, MSI GT75 Titan, Acer Predator Helios 500 and Dell G3 15 are some of the leading brands and versions which can accommodate and fulfill your desire of having great gaming experience.

But alongside the pros, there are some cons too. Battery timing, limited hardware space in laptops sometimes create some inconvenience, but as I mentioned above that there are tons of gaming laptop accessories available alongside to provide you width, greater control, and accessibility in gaming terms.

So, today we will discuss the top ten best accessories, available for laptop gamers in depth so next time, when you are going to make the purchase in this particular field, you will have a clear idea what to buy as per the need of your gaming.

Xbox One Controller

I personally highly recommend this. An Xbox controller allows you more freedom and access to play a game, especially like football and third-person shooter games. This utility is very easy to be attached with any laptop as it’s well supported in all operating systems like MAC, Linux, and Windows. Additionally, you can connect it by using drivers (in case of wireless, Bluetooth connection) and even through wired one via USB 2.0 port (drivers might be needed as well here).

Overall this is a real gold standard accessory in terms of comfort, utility among all gamepads. You can easily buy this accessory from Amazon.

Redragon Centrophorus Mouse

Top notch, the all-time best seller, this component can make anyone a geek, provides a very best control and accuracy. Highly recommended for the 3rd person shooting games. Very easy to get connected in Windows 10, 8, 7 and even at XP. Other operating systems like Linux and Mac are also having no compatibility issues. It has 5 programmable buttons and LED color option (that can be turned off).

Click here to buy from Amazon.

It has a good fiber braided 6 ft. cable, with a Velcro loop to adjust its length, makes it nearly impossible to get twisted and bending. The secret of its success is hidden in its 4.7×2.8×1.5 inches dimension with the weight of just 5 ounces, and the built makes its weight heavier at the back side and front side remains lighter, easy to move and adjust.

AULA Backlit Keyboard

This is a game changer in the history of gaming keyboards. It got the backlit option with various color modes and settings, alongside the hardware got only 3 basic colors (RED, BLUE and WHITE). A very smooth and delicate design allowing no-slip and palm to rest perfectly.

A 6 ft. cable with additional 8 keys, which can be customized as per your own requirements anyways. I have just posted a detailed guide on gaming keyboards for small hands.

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

Favorable for the users who play strategical and navigational games, this joystick module got all that you need. With 12+ navigational buttons, which are totally customizable. Smooth movement of the stick with a firm grip gives you an ultimate edge over other players. Click here to check the latest price at Amazon.

The base is heavy and you should not be worried about even an instance of getting a jerk or whack during making moves. Connectable to a USB port and easily can be configured on any operating system. This is one of the Best Laptop Accessories for Gamers.

SADES Stereo Headphones

I cannot imagine playing a game on speakers. The high note SFX sounds (especially in war mode games) cannot be played while having no headphones. So, among all the headphones I found this is best among the rest.

The built quality is excellent. Leather pads provide a lot of comfort in long duration usage. Bass levels are deep and smooth. Options like Mute functionality and Volume control are well defined. Mic range is brilliant and can easily be tucked up in case of no use. Highly recommended, click here to buy from Amazon.

Cooler Master Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

As I have mentioned above that one of major disappointment we all face while gaming on laptops is regarding its power consumption, overheating and battery draining. To add one of these causes, this product is one the best to overcome the overheating issues. This is among the Best Laptop Accessories for Gamers.

It also has different adjustable height angles and can fit up to a 17-inch laptop. Sleek and stylish metal body with silent 1600 mm fan that clocks 1500 RPM, proves the vital difference in before and after situation. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Anker Power Core

Like overheating, battery drain is also one of the most concerning factors while gaming on a laptop. You have to keep plug on all the time otherwise your battery is doomed within minutes and may be permanently damaged on excessive stress if you keep doing that.

To avoid and help such circumstance, Anker Power Core is the best power bank to store enough juice that it can fully charge your laptop’s battery fully twice.

It’s a bit expensive product but when it comes to reliability and serving your cause, it’s second to none. You can buy this from Amazon.

External Monitor

If you are looking for an external monitor to expand the visual of your laptop game, this product is the best among rest. 144hz display with silky frames and 1ms response time, makes this product the best within the price range, as compared to all other products in this particular category. Buy now from Amazon.

HyperX Cloud Pro

Another product that can be very helpful in terms of audio support is this cool headphone gadget. High-quality sound and one the most comforting design makes this product a must buy for all of the professionals around the world. With a beautiful dedicated case to carry around, this product is a complete masterpiece. Highly recommended.

Amazon Basics Laptop Bag

Came under the Amazon brand name “Basics”, this product is way more than a basic product. From material to style to storage and to pack all of the above products with ease in it, this is the ultimate a must-have bag.

So, fellas, these are the well-rated products around the gaming community and I tried to explain them for your ease. I hope that you will get points from this talk and if you are looking to level up your game and to maximize your gaming experience on a laptop, you should buy these accessories.

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