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Best Budget Travel Laptop 2019 Reviews

Best Budget Travel Laptop 2019 Reviews

In this article, I have added reviews for Best Budget Travel Laptop 2019. For last few, I have to travel a lot because of my job. For me, it is difficult to travel without my laptop. Now there is a big variety of laptops in the market with so-called best brands, it is a hectic task to find the “Best Budget Travel Laptop 2019”.

Best Budget Travel Laptop 2019 Reviews

 I was in a meeting in Abu Dhabi and I was wondering that there was approximately 5 or 6 person having the same laptop as mine. That was a really new thing for me then I realized that it’s all about the features of my laptops which make it so much common among the working community. For traveling, this best budget laptop is best, easy to carry and with a touchscreen.

Dell 13.3 i5 8250U 8GB Rose Gold Best Travel Laptop 2019

I am going to share some aspects of it as it is a good experience for me to see my device is that many users friendly and famous in the people  This Dell Rose Gold is just awesome. I am working with I will discuss some of its features as:

  1. Processor: It is powered with the processor of great robustness and model is i5 8250U and this makes this machine a different one.
  2. Graphics unit: It has an adaptation for the graphics as Intel UHD Graphics 620 Core 1097 M hertz. This is a great adapter for the graphics of a laptop.
  3. Memory storage: It has got the memory storage of approximately 8192 Mb LPRD3 1200mHz with the availability of dual channels for the system.
  4. Display unit: It has a display of 13.3 inches screen 3200×1800 pixels with a better color resolution and availability of Dell warranty on the screen.
  5. Mainboard: Its main board is empowered with Intel kaby Lake U fresh IMC and thus it makes it a heavy machine.
  6. Soundcard: It has a high-quality audio sound quality with stereo effect.
  7. Storage units: It has a built-in memory size of approximately 256 GB.
  8. Connections Ports and sensors: there are two USB 3.0 /3.1 Generations one ports are installed. It is also equipped with the brightness sensor and the headset jacks of 3.5mm with the CABC sensors. It also carries the thunderbolt. It also has a display port on it.
  9. Battery: it has a battery of 60 Wh and approx time of 12 hours.
  10. Operating system: Its operating system powered by Microsoft Windows and have a window version of windows 10 of size 64bits.
  11. Webcam: It has a webcam of 64 Megapixel and high-quality resolution.
  12. Weight: Weight of this laptop is 1.305gm which is equivalent to 2.88 pounds.

Pros of the laptop:

It is considered as a slender kind of 13.3 inches laptop and its weight is also not too much it has a very decent and beautiful appearance. It is an alpine white colored laptop having a rose gold color. Its design is very much elegant. The base of the laptop is stain resistant based with crystalline interwoven like appearance it just gives the texture of a piece of cloth.

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The design of laptop has a very nice feature of the ultra sharp display with a touch screen the contrast of the screen is the biggest USP of the device as it has the ratio of approximately 1000:1. The lighter will appear nice in shades and the dark shade will give its pure appearance. Its base also has a titanium coating which is the main reason due to which it is stain resistant.

The most interesting feature is that its palm rest is very cooling to touch and thin and sleek in texture. Its pixel resolution is much higher than the laptops available in the market,  in fact, it is much faster than the mac book air present as it is a highly prestigious product of apple. And one of the most important things for which most of us buy laptops is the battery life and well dell provides the best battery life among all of the machines.

8250U is a quad-core processor and it is an artwork full of hyperthreading of signal between the range of 1.6 and 3.4 MHz. It makes the letter looks clear due to its size and higher resolution with a large screen. Its pixel is very much clearer which distinguishes it from the other products in the market and that’s the feature that makes it different from all the products in the market. It battery life its beautiful design its processor with boost its graphics its display all makes this machine to stand out in the market. 


Few users have a complaint about the processor, but I am using it and working fine for me.

Well, another drawback is that this laptop is not for gaming purposes. If you are into gaming, then read this, Best Gaming Laptops 2019 Reviews. For traveling, this laptop is the best option and will suit your budget criteria along with other features.

Well, there is competition based market of gadgets so there are many laptops brands available having better battery than it thus its battery life is not like that it is the best one.

Conclusion: well me you should buy this gadget as it is durable and a very much strong device provides you with 2 in 1 sort of screen, not the best but a very good battery time. Its size and weight is also compatible with the market and very slim and nice one to use and a user-friendly device and having optimum storage for working systems. For sure Dell has worked a lot on the aesthetics of the laptop and its stability towards working especially in offices. Click here to buy from Amazon.

HP Stream 14– Best Budget Travel Laptop 2019

I recommend this laptop to all those who think they can not get a travel laptop at a cheap price. I was surprised to check the price and then I decided to buy this laptop and access it. Let me tell you, This is really an awesome piece of machine and you will love all the user-friendly features that come with this best budget travel laptop.

I will explain all the basic features of this travel laptop below.

Here we go:

Processor: This laptop is equipped with Intel Celeron Processor N3060 1.6GHz that can be boosted up to 2.48 GHz. This is ideal for everyday tasks and you will never feel any kind of lag between the applications.

Screen Size: This is an amazing part of the review, it features 14 inches screen that is full HD and comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels. At this resolution, you will have an amazing experience if you watch movies or play games. 

RAM: Like any other laptop, it comes with a 4 GB RAM that is ideal for this travel laptop. You can even enjoy multiplayer games and you will never have to face any speed issues.

Dimensions: Now let me explain the size of this amazing laptop, I have measured it in inches, 13.27×8.90×0.70″. These dimensions ensure that this travel laptop is easy to carry while you travel around.

Flash Memory: This laptop features 64GB eMMC flash memory, that perfectly fits this travel laptop. If you plan to have improved memory, that can be easily done. This flash memory can be upgraded to 128GB or even 256GB. Thanks to the technology, when you boot your laptop with the flash memory, it will faster and all the programs will run smoother.

Battery Life: If you genuinely buying a travel laptop then ensure that it comes with a better quality battery that can hold up for multiple-hours. This cheap travel laptops battery is just amazing and you can use it for 7 straight hours. 

Weight: This is a lightweight travel laptop and weighs about 2.74lbs. This is so lightweight that you will not even feel that you are carrying a fully functional laptop on your back.

Warranty: This laptop comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, I recommend reading the product manual for more details. I always suggest buying laptops that come with a good warranty cover.

Conclusion: I have used this laptop for 2 months and I have found it to be good. Not only small in size but also a lightweight product that is a perfect companion for traveling.

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The most amazing part is that it comes with a Bluetooth 4.2 that is perfect for better connectivity. I bought this laptop in white color since that is the only option available. If you want a budget-friendly travel laptop, go for this.

Final Words About the Best Budget Travel Laptop 2019

I have given details about the best laptops for traveling and that too with a good price tag. Click here to check the price at Amazon. With a decent sized touchscreen and a history of brand reputation, this Dell laptop is a perfect travel companion.

Feel free to ask me anything about Best Budget Travel Laptop. I will answer your question and also I will publish that answer here on my blog.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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