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Best 17 Inch Laptop 2019 Reviews

best 17 inch laptop 2019
best 17 inch laptop 2019

Best 17 Inch Laptop 2019 Reviews

I love watching movies at my 17-inch laptop and thanks to the latest technology, now you can enjoy full HD movies. These big sized laptops the best choice for movies, but at the same time, these are ideal for gaming. With full HD resolution, you will enjoy neat details at any game of your choice. 

One of our regular readers asked, 

Should I buy a 17-inch laptop? Are 17inch laptops worth buying?

The 17-inch laptop is, no doubt, better than 15.6 inch and other laptops. First of all, the screen is bigger. And, if you want to give a presentation or even prepare a presentation for your work or study, 17 inch is a really good option. Plus, it has many more features which makes it stand out in front of others.

Here is the list of best 17-inch laptops for 2019:

17-Inch LaptopsFeaturesScreenPrice
HID evolution Alienware9th Generation Intel Core i7, HD display17.3″Check Price
New Dell Precision4K display, super fast processor17″Check Price
LG Gram8th Generation Intel Core i7, HD display17″Check Price
HP 2019 PremiumIntel Dual Core i3, HD display17.3″Check Price
2019 HP Probook8th Generation Intel Core i717.3″Check Price

Even the regular text is more easy to read on a bigger screen, which makes your work easier and faster to do. As it makes sending emails and doing work more comfortable for you, decreasing stress on your eyes. Moreover, having a fun day is more fun when you are watching your movie on a big screen.

Plus, it has the wonderful feature of photo editing, which enhances your experience and makes your time as well as the photo looks more memorable. And, sharing photos with your friend through your laptop is another plus point. And, well though, I know that you are already aware and every laptop is portable but I love taking my laptop to beautiful places and sit there and do my work.

Another feature of 17-inch screen is it can be used for a longer time, as compared to other laptops. The reason is that 17 inches laptops are mostly the latest ones. Hence, they have the latest technology and features. For me, my 17-inch laptop works for straight four hours. And, I believe if you are going to use a laptop for such a long time, why not have a bigger screen.

But as I have said before, (or maybe wrote before is the right word), back to the topic, having a big screen is one of the best features of a 17-inch laptop (of course not the only good point). You have to look at the panel, resolution and color accuracy as well if you really want to enjoy your time with a big screen, which almost all of the 17-inch laptops have.

For me, laptops always have to have a big screen. Bigger the better, so when 17-inch laptops were released, I ordered one right at the moment. My laptop has 1920 x 1200 resolution and I just love doing my work on it. Even most of my friends, who have their own laptops, by the way, come to watch movies on my laptop. Because of the fantastic visual quality, it has.

If you are the person, to whom the quality matters the most and you love sitting on the couch and binge-watching your favorite TV shows, Netflix shows in my case, then 17-inch laptop is the one for you. Plus, as I have mentioned, if you are going to work for a long time, means you are using as an office laptop and it is going to be placed on the office desk, then go for a 17-inch laptop.

As this is the most common reason, people are using 17-inch laptop nowadays. And, if it’s the same for you, then why wait, just get one for yourself right now!

Best 17-inch Laptop 2019 Reviews

There are many brands who are manufacturing the latest versions of the 17-inch laptop. At, WhatLaptops, we only select top rated products and we have followed the legacy for 17-inch laptops also. 

Our editors have selected top 5 laptops with 17-inch screen size.

Here we go:

HID Evolution Alienware Area-51M

It took approximately two years in becoming a great piece of a gaming laptop. A new type of laptop having great features and optimum capabilities. It can help you a lot in providing you the great source of gaming techniques and providing you with great gaming skills management.

Its outer side is made up of the magnesium-based alloy and has a black dubbed body and this laptop is able to give you great gaming abilities to improve your gaming powers and looks of this laptop are very great and give you a rich and modern look.

Its design is very much beautiful as it is composed of a turquoise colored alien head which gives you a great gaming looks and this laptop is full of beautified looks as it has a honeycomb pattern and this pattern glows in the backward LED light and makes the looks of laptop pro gaming type. This is one of the best 17-inch laptops.

Click here to check price at Amazon.

Its looks and a comfortable armrest makes this laptop a distinguish one and thus it stands out all of sudden among all gaming laptops and thus its looks are too good to be expressed.

It is equipped with a pair of the USB 3.1 ports and thus the features of great connectivity start here and they are an amazing thing to work with. Look what it got a Thunderbolt3 port and this port has made the laptop highly compatible with a huge range of devices and accessories. It is also composed of the headphone and microphone jacks too.

It has huge connectivity. I mean you think about the port and it is equipped with it. It has an HMDI 2.0 port which gives you connectivity to the monitors and other screens. It is also equipped with a DC port too for charging purposes. It also carries an Ethernet jack for the connection of the internet. It is also equipped with a mini display port which is also an addition which has increased its connectivity diversity.

The display of this laptop is great and you are able to watch the videos at 284nits resolution and the level of resolution of this laptop is very high. The best quality of viewership and the colors display and picture quality of these laptops are very high and they can view the great quality of pictures which is optimum for the viewership and gives your eyes a beautiful view.

It has to surround sound quality of audio facilities and makes you listen the sounds and audio effects make the quality of sound very high of alien ware laptop and gives you the great quality of listening experience which you surely love if you are a game lover as it creates a full-time sound effect.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

It has a great keyboard which has a backlit effect too. Its keyboard has very smooth keys and the typing on such beauty is a delight to do the work on. You are going to love this laptop as a typist too.

Its trackpad is very sensitive to the movement of your fingers and you are going to enjoy the moving of cursor easily.

It has a software known as Nvidia RTX available which is a love for playing games and the games played on them. It is in the form of a chip available to the laptop and this is a great feature of the laptop to make you play games at the greater performance level and the games on this laptop is faster, smooth and the gaming experience is enhanced.

Its battery life is not too much its approximately 3 hours. This is a great laptop with awesome features. It does not have great battery life and you will face a problem if you take it with you while going from one place to another. It is a source of the problem in that case.

It is a pretty cool laptop not only looks wise but it is also cool with temperature wise. You can work on this laptop in a very cool way and also in a cool environment.

Its webcam is also very much great. It has a resolution of 720pixels and able to give a great quality of pictures.

It is an ultimate selection for the laptop lover and also the game lovers. You are going to love it.

New Dell Precision 7730, The World’s Most Powerful 17 Inch Laptop

It is one of the most strong laptops which is not focussing on the price or size and external beauty. This laptop is very fast as far as its working is concerned and is full of great features. Its performance is optimum and has super fast working speed which keeps you up to the mark.

Its display is 4 K and has a full-time color differentiation. Its strong body is its biggest quality and is full of great features which protect the user from getting indulged in the problematic conditions. It is able to bear shock with great abilities and thus it is a laptop which is meant for working thus typing on this laptop is very smooth.

Click here to buy now from Amazon.

This laptop is very strong as far as its working is concerned. It is a little bit heavy but it is a slimmer model too.  Its build is very strong like it is made up of carbon fiber and the frame of this laptop is very much great to give you great working capabilities.

It is a simple looking laptop which is not very fancy but it is a strong machine with relatively great working abilities to perform the best out of this simple machine. It is also not able to get the marks of fingerprint easily on its body.

It has an availability of optimum level of connectivity the ports are very diverse on this laptop. It has a smart card reader along with the SD card reader too. It is also equipped with the two thunderbolts 3 port which has taken the level of connectivity off the laptop to the next level.

It is composed of two USB 3.1 type A port available and it is also used to have a Kingston lock. which shows that its ports are quite safe for USB  attachment.

It is a secure device which is able to get the fingerprint sensor which provides the ability to secure your data and devices from theft and this device is also composed of such material that it can be able to endure shocks and dirt easily without any problem. You can claim that it is one of the strong pieces in the market.

It has the maximum brightness of  320nits. It has very great resolution and the display of this device is very fine and provide you the bright view of the pictures available on the laptop.  This laptop is full of great working capabilities and provides you with a great display.

Its typing abilities are very fine on this laptop as it is a very good device for typing because it is highly performance oriented laptop and it highly deals with the smooth error-free typing. Its trackpad is also touched sensitive and you are able to move the cursor on this laptop quite easily and conveniently without any trouble.

It has high-performance abilities and you will be able to do multitasking on this laptop and this laptop is basically meant for performance and this laptop has the great processing power and thus data process very fast on this laptop.

The audio abilities of this laptop are great and provide you with awesome abilities to get a music volume which is loud and highly audible. It will be able to create great sound quality which not only enlightens your brain but also your desire for good music.

Click here to check the latest price.

It has a battery life of approximately  4 hours and it is not too much as you have to do compromise over the battery timing as the other features of this laptop are so awesome that you have to do compromise over the lesser battery time.

Its lens has a resolution of about 720 pixels and it is a great power of this laptop to get an optimum number of details while capturing any feature during a video call.

It does not get hot while working on it so its cooler is also very fine that it is able to do its working quite nicely as the matter of fact it is a very rare chance that it gets hot a lot.

Overall it is a robust machine and the people who are careless find it as a solution to their problems.

LG Gram

The LG gram Thin and light laptop is a choice for people who loves to work on the bigger screen but also want a thin and sleek machine.  Most people consider a 17 inches screen is just for gaming but if your laptop is thin and light it is portable then anyone can use it.

It is made up of the metal alloy and this metal alloy makes the laptop light just like a feather. It is a combination of magnesium and nano carbons together. It has a lightweight feature just like plastic and the looks are just like the metal and this is a very distinguish feature of this laptop.

Due to the lightweight and portability of this laptop, it is quite easy to travel with this laptop as it is very easy to carry and the screen size is also very good to provide you with maximum visibility. It is also a very strong machine which is able to bear shock easily without any trouble and also able to fight with the dust easily without any trouble and problem.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

The connectivity of this laptop is also considerably good. It has a large sized USB port whose version is 3.0 and it is also equipped with the Thunderbolt 3 port which is also a source of optimum connectivity. It also has an HMDI port. This means it is a laptop which is equipped with each and every type of port needed for data transfer and you are going to love this machine for its great ports availability.

There is a micro SD card slot too available with further two more 3.0 USB ports and these ports are of great connectivity. Although its power button is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. It is good for security purposes and also be the cause of securing data.

Its keyboard is not very comfortable but is good for typing and working. You can do typing with the help of this keyboard with ease and also the touchpad of this laptop is very responsive and you will feel like the cursor is dancing on your fingers.

This laptop has a very nice display and the colors on this laptop are very vibrant and great and thus able to give the full-time resolution which gives you great display quality of the visuals or the videos you are going to watch.

Its audio effect is too loud as it is able to give the louder and the sharper sound quality which shows you can listen to very clear and loud music on this laptop and it is done with ease.

It processor is powered with the Intel core technology with the empowerment of 8th generation and the processing speed is also great.  It RAM is of 16 GB and you are able to do fast computing on this device as this device is a dream come true.

It has a battery life of approx. 11 hours. This is great news for the people who do not like to charge their laptop again and again. As you can take this laptop anywhere you want without the headache of charging.

Its webcam is not able to show very much great view but it is fine. It is also unable to show a lot of detailing easily.

This laptop is a dream come true like who can imagine having a laptop which is able to provide a great view.

Its display is good. Its sound quality is great. You can play games, watch movies and videos easily on this laptop without any trouble.

Click here to check the latest price.

Its lightweight has also a quality of easy and convenient portability. Its battery life is maximum which I think is a great feature as far as the person who bought it loves to travel.

Its computing ability is very high and we can say that it is a machine with great working power.

You are going to love your choice if you bought this laptop as it carries every required feature with mastered abilities. You are not going to any machine like this.

This laptop is a strong machine and handling is very easy and you are going to enjoy its presence.

HP Premium Flagship 

So here is our first best 17-inch laptop 2019, which is going to be yours if you are interested in. This amazing laptop belongs to the 17-inch category, although strictly talking, it is 17.3 inches in size. So let me tell you all the amazing features that this laptop is having along with all the specifications.

Using a big laptop has its own charm, you can view the full screen while works that will make you feel so professional and also you can watch movies like on a cinema’s big screen

Here are all of the features that you must want to know:

HP Premium flagship laptop is a 17-inch laptop having a diagonal HD SVA bright view WLED backlit display of 1600 x 900 of screen resolution and the high clear Intel HD graphics 620. This laptop is just awesome

It has Intel dual-core i3 -7100U processor of 3 MB cache and 2.4 GHz. AMD A9-9425 processor of 3.1 GHz base frequency and up to 3.7 GHz base frequency

It has Windows 10 that bring back the start menu from Windows 7 and introduce new features like the edge web browser that will let you mark up the web pages easily on your screen

This laptop offers the 2 USB 3. 1 Gen 1 (Data transfer only ),  1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI, 1 x RJ-45 1 Headphone-out / microphone-in combo jack, even Bluetooth and most of all the multi-format digital card reader

You can choose easily from 4GB, 8GB, 12GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM and 1st HDD (boot) 128GB, 256 GB, 512GB, 1TB SSD for the more better performance and the optional 2nd optical drive too of a 1TB/2TB hard drive for extra storage spacing. A solid-state drive (SSD) will boost the overall performance of this laptop for sure.

It has a front-facing HP true vision HD webcam with an integrated digital microphone too that will make your voice clear and also allows to listen more audible clear sound so that you can also do face to face important meetings on this laptop. This laptop also has a multi-format digital media card reader.

This HP premium laptop is having a backlit keyboard too for the sake of your convenience to work in moonlight too and face any kind of dim situation with your laptop with greater ease and let you don’t stop doing your work anyway. HP premium laptop is using 3 cells, 2.8 Ah lithium-ion battery of 31 WHr.

It is a big size laptop and that doesn’t mean that it must be heavy, so this carrying a light weight of only 5.29 lbs as for as its size is concerned.

This also has a power adapter, a 45-watt charger to fully and fast charge the laptop to be used for several hours continuously.

This has the 8 GB DDR4 SSD RAM that is pretty much good enough

It also provides a good warranty and support to its customers. You can return the laptop is you find that it has some kind of default or get it dead on arrival stage. You can return it back and money will be refunded to you within 30 days of purchase and a one year upgraded pro-limited warranty.

Regarding the price of this laptop, it is a completely affordable laptop for all so without any worries you can purchase it now. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Large HD bright view display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Enhanced performance
  • High quality
  • Enough storage space options
  • Affordable


  • It does not have the latest processor

I hope that you will know that I have explained much about it the details of each and every feature it has. As for as it usage help is concerned, everybody knows although, yet you can seek guidance from its instruction manual too. This is affordable so you can buy it without any stress and you will be enjoying using the big screen soon and this will help you to do your tasks more efficiently and finely. Click here to buy from Amazon.

If you are looking for the top quality laptops than on this page you will found all of the best ones and you do not have to need to search them anywhere as we have already found them and listed them with complete information here. So be ready and enjoy using the laptop. 

HP Probook

Hp Probook 470 is a wonderful machine is a bundle of joy and technical amusement. It is a device which is an ultimate choice for the professionals and businessmen. 

It is a kind of machine which is consisted of very strong and durable design and able to work really efficiently in offices and purely working environment. Its machine is also able to work and cope up the multitasking associated with the working of a businessman.

Here I will explain certain features of this amazing 17 Inch Laptop for 2019.

Screen size: Well this is a feature which is the most important and the prominent one on which any person focuses at first sight. Its screen size is quite wide and provides the measurement of 17.3 inches which is an important one to watch things in huge size.

Screen Resolution: It provides the screen resolution of approximately 1600×900  which means it is in high definition and provides improved best visibility in super clear quality.

Processor: It has a very strong processor and strong means a lot strong which is distinguishing feature of this machine as it is powered by Intel with a core which is quad, well this processor is 8th generation and  i7 8550 U with the speed which is super fast as up to 4 GHz and has 8Mb cache .

Memory: It has a memory of 32GB DDR4 RAM. It is a fast and super storing memory able to work with high speed and at once able to work a lot.

Hard disk: its hard disk is very much spacious as it can store up to 1000GB and do 5400 Rotations in a minute.  Thus it can generate information very fast.

Connectivity: Well when I say connectivity it means it is a laptop which provides us with many port and connectivity to many devices. It has a total of four USB ports out of which three are USB 3.1 Gen 1 and among these three two are of type A and one is type C. 

One of the USB port is USB 2.0 of type A.  It is also comprised of HMDI port one port for VGA and one port for the display unit.  It’s one USB port can also be used for the charging purposes. It is also equipped with the SD card reader.

Webcam: The webcam quality of this device is quite cool to watch as the picture quality is very much decent and provide the resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels.

Security: It is equipped with the BIOS as this a biometric system which is connected with software installed in it and thus a fingerprint sensor is also there in it.

Keyboard: It is a quite wondrous feature of this laptop that its keyboard is spill proof highly user-friendly and its quite easy to work on it.

Touchpad: Its touchpad is quite a wonderful thing as it is quite smooth and can easily be enabled and disabled. It is very quite wide and working on it is a very easy and wonderful thing to touch.

Price: Amazingly, the price is budget friendly. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Communication: Its Wi-Fi system is powered with the Intel and has connectivity of a/b/g/n.  It provides great connectivity with the Ethernet wireless system. It is the same as the most recent version of internet connectivity.

Battery: It has a single lithium-ion battery and this battery is the smart one and lightweight and it helps a lot in working with good battery life.

Bluetooth: It is equipped with a high technological blue tooth device thus its connectivity is enhanced by this way.


It is a device which is quite slim and sleek and this sort of slim nature is quite rare in the  17 inches laptops available in the market and this thing makes it stand out and thus if you like widescreen then you should go for it as it is wide and slim at the same time.

Well, when it comes to the reliability then the Hp is a choice of the consumer as it provides a fast working environment and the availability of the Hp Warranty is quite cool. It is a laptop which has the ability to work with the touchpad and keyboard and both of these enhancements are worth buying as they are smart and elegant to work on.  It is available with all kind of wireless devices available.

It is quite a beautiful machine and a must buy for people who like to watch movies and work on the wider screen laptops as this thing is quite helpful for them and it is equipped with each and every technology needed for its proper working. Its screen is also glare free and its laptop has the ability to cope up the spill of fluids


Its chassis comes in a completely plastic body and thus it is not appealing looks wise and the picture quality and graphics of this machine is not up to the mark and thus the people who love graphics this is not a worthy machine to buy. Its battery is quite average and not up to the mark and thus making it not good for traveling well the size is also not helpful in traveling so not a choice for travelers.

As I have  tried my level best to explain the complete features and specs of the Hp Probook and I must say it’s a must buy for the people who loves huge screen wide display and durability  as it is highly durable and can bear shocks easily like spillage and other jerks so it’s a good machine to buy .

Click here to buy from Amazon.

I have cleared my point of view and hope I have done the justice with it. You can ask anything related to it and it’s a pleasure for me to fulfill all your queries regarding this laptop.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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