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Average Laptop Size and Weight

Average Laptop Size and Weight

In this article, I have explained in detail a variety of different brands for laptops and added their Average Laptop Size and Weight. Size ahhhh, that matters a lot nowadays. Same thing matters in the field of technology.

Average Laptop Size and Weight

Laptops are the major necessity of today’s world and it is quite important for you to focus on its size, and weight of laptops. Selection of laptops is very critical for everyone because you use it for the daily working and of course laptops are a source of entertainment too.

Your laptops are very much critical gadget of daily life. The size selection is very important because if the size is less you can get stuck into trouble as comfort level falls. Similarly, if the screen is too wide then it may also be the cause of discomfort. It is totally up to you to select the perfect device for your working. You should be focused on the basic purpose of the laptop.

Laptops which are lighter in weight and smaller in size are easy to handle and carry. I will like to explain the weight and sizes of the laptops which will surely help to select the best one for you.

Laptops are one of the best portable devices but the portability is increased if the size and the weight are reduced. The mobility of the gadget is increased if the size of the laptop is lesser.

Five different categories of laptops are common and these are:

  • Ultrabook/chrome book
  • Ultraportable
  • Thin and light
  • Desktop replacement
  • Luggagables

Size and weight distributions:

This is the way to check the size and weight of different categories of the laptop. You know that laptops are not exactly according to the weight and `size claimed by the companies but you should know that the extra weight adds on the laptop by the addition of the adapters and enhancements.

There are types of laptops with their respective sizes:

  1. Ultrabook/ Chrome book:

 The Ultrabook and Chrome book has the size of 9-13.5 inches ×8-9inches×≤ 1inch and it has a weight of approximately 2-3 Pounds.

  1. Ultraportables:

These are the devices which are available in the size of 9-13inches ×8-9inches×0.2-1.3 inches and it is very small in size. It has a weight of 2-5 Pounds.

  1. Thin and light:

It is one of the thin and slim laptops which has the size of 11-15 inches×<11 inches×0.5-1.5 inches and the weight of the laptop is 3-6 pounds.

  1. Desktop replacement:

The size of this laptop has the size of >15inches×>11 inches×1-2 inches and it carries the weight of greater than 4 Pounds.

  1. Luggagables:

These are the set of laptops which has the size of greater than 18 inches×>13inches×>1 inch and these laptops carry the weight of greater than 8 pounds.

There is a vast variety of laptops available in the market and selection from these laptops is quite tough. I mean you like one laptop due to one feature then the other one has the other best features. For me, it is quite an important thing that you should focus on the size and weight with great precision.

Light-weight and Small-sized Laptops

I have enlisted some laptops which are considered as light and the smaller in size and these are as follow:

Lenovo Mix 320:

It is the brand of the laptop which consists of the weight of 2.31 Pounds and has a size of 0.7 inches thickness. This laptop has surely made the concept of light and smaller laptop easy going.

LG gram 2015:

It is that version of a laptop which is consisted of a large number of feature but if the focus on the weight then the light weight of the laptop is kind of easier task to do. It has a size of  12.8 x 8.9 x 0.5 inches and a weight of  2.11 Pounds.

HP stream 11:

It is great availability in 11inches of size and it is a lightweight laptop of weight 2.5 Pounds. It has a size of 11.8 x 8.1 x 0.7 inches. These laptops are great appearance wise.

Lenovo Yoga 760:

This is the laptop which is consisted of a lot of features and has a weight of 2.8 Pounds. Its size is 2.2 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches. It is also a lightweight device which surely you like it.


I am a choreographer by profession and I used to watch dances on the internet to learn and teach. I am quite tensed about it as I cannot keep a heavyweight laptop. I used to drive on a scooter to go to the studio. I like to go carefree while driving. It is quite tough for me to drive with heavy laptops. I then searched on the internet about a small smart and lightweight laptop. So I selected Lenovo Mix 320 and I truly love this.

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